Lesson Learned #189: Connection and Execution Tests running in Parallel
Published Mar 01 2022 02:50 AM 1,708 Views

Today, I worked on a service request where our customer needs to execute multiple TSQL command in parallel and measure how much time took every operation, like connection and execution. 


For this operation, we shared in this URL  an example PowerShell script to perform this operation. Basically, you have two PowerShell script:


  • DoneThreads.ps1 that will manage how many background jobs will be execute and how many in parallel.
  • DoneThreadIndividual1.ps1 that will be the PowerShell script that will be executed and called by DoneThreads.ps1 in parallel. This file will save the information in a text file saving the information about connection time and execution time. 


Please, all help is very welcome if you want to collaborate/improve in this small project. 



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