Lesson Learned #156: Creating a Linked Server connecting to Read-Scale Managed Instance Replica
Published Jan 19 2021 09:26 AM 125K Views

Today, a customer asked how to run a query against the read-scale replica using SQL Server Agent in a Azure SQL Managed Instance.


In the following example, I would like to share with you how to achieve this. 


In order to instruct how to use the read-scale feature I added the following parameter values for:


  • Data Source will be the name of the Managed Instance.
  • Provider String we added the value ApplicationIntent=Readonly
  • Catalog may be master or any database.


Finally, using, for example, the option OPENQUERY or running the query I was able to run my queries to the read-scale replica. 



SELECT * FROM MyExample.UserDatabaseName.SchemaName.Table WHERE Id=1






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