Issue Modifying search_path Parameter for Azure Database for PostgreSQL
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First published on MSDN on Oct 20, 2017
Azure Database for PostgreSQL users have recently reported an issue to us that occurs when setting a custom value for the search_path parameter from the Server parameters blade in the Azure Portal .  The issue is that this custom value is modified automatically by the service when saved.  For example:

A value entered of: "$user", public , gets transformed to """$user"", public" , as can be seen by executing the following query: SELECT reset_val FROM pg_settings WHERE name = 'search_path';

The aforementioned transformation breaks the search path in PostgreSQL.  The Product Group responsible for the Azure Database for PostgreSQL service has confirmed that this is a known issue.  While a permanent fix to address this is being worked on, the Product Group requests that users not modify the search_path parameter value at this time.  If modification is needed, please open a support case with us, as the Product Group will implement this change for you to avert this issue.  Please reference this blog post if you do.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this, and want everyone to know that we appreciate and value the continued feedback on our services.

Screenshots of the issue in action:

Modifying the value for the search_path parameter from the Server parameters blade on the Azure Portal.

Retrieving the search_path value via query post value modification.

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