What’s New in Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server
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We are delighted to share our latest update for May 2023, which brings a host of thrilling developments and improvements to Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. This month, we have launched Intel V5 SKU and 32 TB storage support with Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. Additionally, we have introduced much anticipated PostgreSQL Version 15 preview with Flexible server. We are also excited to offer public preview of our Database Availability Metric which gives you real-time insights into your database's availability and general availability of Azure Key Vault Managed HSM, a secure and compliant solution for protecting your cryptographic keys which is designed to deliver the highest levels of security and compliance for your Flexible Server deployments. Lastly, we have added pgvector support into both Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible servers and Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL. Which empowers developers to streamline Open AI integration and enhance the capabilities of their applications.






  • Intel V5 (EdsV5 and DdsV5) - Generally Available


  • 32 TB Storage - Generally Available


  • Azure Key Vault Managed HSM - Generally Available


  • Pgvector Generally Available


  • PG Version 15 - Preview


  • Database Availability Metric -Preview


 Intel V5 (EdsV5 and DdsV5) - Generally Available


Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server now supports new memory optimized SKU Edsv5 and General-purpose SKU DdsV5 in 20 regions worldwide. The addition of Intel V5 Ddsv5 and EdsV5 compute support for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server takes performance to new heights offering 50% increase in core to memory ratio compared to the previous generation (V4 SKU). Edsv5-series SKUs are ideal for memory-intensive enterprise applications, large relational database servers offering up to 672 Gib memory and 96 vCPU’s whereas new General Purpose SKU, Ddsv5 Intel provides a balance between memory and vCPU performance which are ideal for entry-level and mid-range databases. These virtual machines offer up to 96 vCPU and 384 GiB of RAM and come with fast, local SSD storage.  


You can launch new intel V5 SKUS directly from your Flexible Server blade as shown below. 





Learn more about Intel V5 on Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server    


Region Wise V5 SKU Availability - Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server  


32TB Support (Generally Available) 


We are adding 32 TB storage support for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server which represents a massive leap forward in terms of scalability. It enables businesses to store and manage even larger amounts of data within Flexible Server. With this expanded storage capacity, organizations can consolidate their data, simplify their architecture, and reduce the overhead associated with managing multiple database instances. The upgrade to 32 TB support on Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server does not require any major changes or migration efforts. Existing PostgreSQL databases hosted on Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server can seamlessly upgrade to the new storage limit with minimal disruption ensuring a hassle-free experience for businesses. 






Learn more about 32TB storage from the documentation.  




Azure Key Vault Managed HSM (Generally Available)


Azure PostgreSQL Flexible servers so far supported Azure Key Vault (AKV) as an encryption key store for customer-managed keys. However, Microsoft has now announced support for Azure Key Vault Managed HSM (Hardware Security Module) as an additional encryption key store. HSMs are tamper-resistant hardware devices that generate and manage cryptographic keys. Azure Key Vault Managed HSM is a fully managed, compliant cloud service that safeguards cryptographic keys using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. Azure Key Vault Managed HSM enhances the security and compliance offerings for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server, providing a more robust solution for safeguarding cryptographic keys. 


To learn more about Azure Managed HSM please visit Azure Managed HSM and read this blog  



Pgvector (Generally Available) 


We have introduced support for the pgvector extension and Open AI plugins in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server and Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL empowering developers to simplify Open AI integration and enhance their applications' capabilities. By leveraging embeddings and efficient similarity searches, businesses can provide personalized experiences, improve recommendation systems, and unlock the full potential of AI-enabled applications. The pgvector extension facilitates the storage and effective searching of embeddings that capture the semantic meaning of text inputs. By utilizing pgvector, customers across all industries can benefit from the power of Generative AI to add new capabilities to their Postgres applications.  


Learn more about pgvector and its use cases from below links. 


How to enable vector extension in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server 


Concepts-pgvector extension in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server  


OpenAI/ChatGPT retrieval plugin and PostgreSQL on Azure - Microsoft Community Hub 


Idea for GPT Plugin: Citus Shard Key Selection in Postgres - Microsoft Community Hub 



PostgreSQL Version 15 (Preview)


Postgres community releases a major version every year that includes advanced features, functionalities, performance improvements, security enhancements, and bug fixes. PostgreSQL 15, the latest release, introduces various new elements, such as the widely used MERGE command, which enhances the developer’s experience. It also expands the capabilities for observing the database's state, improves performance for both in-memory and disk-based sorting, and introduces support for two-phase commit and row/column filtering for logical replication. Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server now provides support for the most recent PostgreSQL version 15 in public preview in limited regions.  

You can access troubleshooting guides from Help section in flexible server portal blade as shown below. 


Learn more about PG 15 improvements from official PostgreSQL documentation. 


Supported Version for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server 




Database Availability Metrics (Preview)


We are excited to announce the public preview of database availability monitoring metric in Azure Database for Postgres Flexible Serve which provides you with real-time insights into the availability of your database, so you can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. With database availability monitoring, you can view the status of your database and historical trends get alerts and troubleshooting availability issues. The introduction of database availability monitoring enhances the visibility, control, and flexibility over database availability within Azure Postgres Flexible Server.  


To learn more about database availability monitoring, please visit our documentation, Database availability metric and this blog 



That is all for this month! Please continue sending us your feedback, please reach out via email to AskAzureDBforPostgreSQL for any other questions or clarifications. 



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