March 2024 Recap: Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server
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March has been an exciting month for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server, as we introduced many new features and improvements that greatly enhance how databases are managed and perform on Azure. Following a tradition of innovation and improvement, this month's updates bring even more capabilities to your database deployments, ensuring that your applications are more secure, efficient, and scalable. Let's explore the notable features that were launched in March 2024.


Highlights of the Month

  1. Migration Service in Azure Database for PostgreSQL (General Availability)
  2. Support for the latest Postgres minor versions: 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18
  3. Major Version Upgrade Support for PostgreSQL 16 (Preview)
  4. Real-time machine learning prediction with Azure_AI Extension (Preview)
  5. New Monitoring Metric Database Size (Preview)
  6. Azure Postgres Team at PG-Conf-India 2024


1. Migration Service in Azure Database for PostgreSQL (General Availability)




The migration service in Azure Database for PostgreSQL simplifies the process of moving your PostgreSQL instances to Azure, offering migration options from an AWS RDS for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server, on-premises servers, and Azure virtual machines (VMs). The migration service is designed to help you move PostgreSQL instances to Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server with ease and confidence. Some advantages of using the migration service include:

  • Managed migration service.
  • Support for schema and data migrations.
  • No complex setup.
  • Simple to use portal/cli based migration experience.
  • No limitations in terms of the size of databases it can handle.

For a deep dive into the capabilities and step-by-step guidance on using the Migration Service in Azure Database for PostgreSQL, please refer to our official documentation and blog.


2. Support for the latest Postgres minor versions 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18


PostgreSQL minor versions 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18 are now supported by Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. These minor version upgrades are automatically performed as part of the monthly planned maintenance in Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. This upgrade automation ensures that your databases are always running on the most secure and optimized versions without requiring manual intervention. This release fixes two security vulnerabilities and over 40 bugs.   
To learn more, please refer PostgreSQL community announcement for more details about the release.


3. Major Version Upgrade Support for PostgreSQL 16 (Preview)




Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server now supports in-place major version upgrades to PostgreSQL 16 in preview. This update offers access to the latest PostgreSQL features with minimal downtime and a simplified upgrade process.

Key Benefits:

  • New Features: Leverage enhancements like pg_stat_io for I/O monitoring, improved query execution, and advanced replication.
  • Ease of Upgrade: Upgrade directly without data migration or changing server settings.
  • Minimal Downtime: Our streamlined process ensures a smooth transition with reduced production disruptions.

For a detailed guide on upgrading, visit our documentation: Major Version Upgrade


4. Real-time machine learning predictions with Azure_AI Extension (Preview)




Now in preview, applications can invoke machine learning models hosted on Azure Machine Learning online endpoints  to enable real-time predictions right within the database. The Azure_AI extension simplifies this integration providing the ability with a UDF call to invoke pre-trained or custom and fine-tuned models hosted on Azure machine Learning.


For more details please refer - Real-time predictions with the azure_ai extension (Preview) - Microsoft Community Hub


5. New Database Size monitoring metric (Preview)




The new "Database Size" metric in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server significantly enhances database management by providing precise, granular insights into the storage consumption of individual databases. This feature aids in detailed monitoring, supports effective capacity planning by offering exact data on database sizes, and promotes operational efficiency through actionable insights, crucial for optimizing database performance and resource utilization in a multi-database environment.

For a complete list of monitoring metrics available for Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server, please refer our documentation.


6. Azure Postgres Team at PG-Conf-India 2024




Microsoft demonstrated its commitment to the PostgreSQL community through its Platinum sponsorship of PGConf India 2024, held in Bengaluru. The event, attended by over 400+ participants, saw significant involvement from the Microsoft Postgres team. The team engaged in numerous activities, including delivering talks, conducting trainings and managing a well-received booth.


Sessions Delivered
  1. Keynote: All the Postgres Things at Microsoft – By @charlesfeddersenMS 
  2. Postgres load balancing is secretly broken: The cancellation problem – By @JelteF 
  3. Transforming PostgreSQL to API: A Simplified Journey with Data API Builder – By @varun-dhawan 
  4. pg_upgrade like a boss! – By Alexander Kukushkin
  5. Training: Building AI Applications with Azure OpenAI and PostgreSQL – By @AlicjaKucharczyk  & @adityaduvuri 


In Conclusion

As March 2024 comes to a close, we're excited about the new updates we've brought to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server. This month, we have made it easier for you to move and manage your databases with the launch of our Migration Service options. We also introduced latest minor versions, a sneak peek at upgrades with PostgreSQL 16, smarter ways to use AI with your database, and a new tool to keep an eye on your database size. These changes are all about making things better and simpler for you.

Furthermore, our participation in PG-Conf-India 2024 as a Platinum sponsor showcased our deep commitment to the PostgreSQL community. Through talks, training, and sessions delivered by our experts, we engaged with over 400 participants, sharing insights and exploring the latest in PostgreSQL technology. This involvement underscores our dedication not just to innovation within our services but also to fostering a vibrant, informed community around Azure PostgreSQL.

Looking back at March, we're proud of what we've added to our service and grateful for the community's support and feedback. We can't wait to see how you use these new features in your work. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us; they really help us improve. Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for being with us on this journey!

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