April 2023 Recap: Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server
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We are delighted to share our latest update for April 2023, which brings a host of thrilling developments and improvements to Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. Among the highlights is the launch of the Power BI integration with Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. Additionally, we are introducing the Query Performance Insights preview, a feature designed to assist users in comprehending and optimizing their database query performance. We are also excited to offer the public preview of our Troubleshooting Guides for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server, which are designed to help you swiftly diagnose and address common issues, enabling you to tackle challenges like an expert. Finally, we have expanded our global presence by adding 7 new regions for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible servers, bringing the total number of supported regions to an impressive 48 worldwide. 


We invite you to keep reading for more information on how these updates can benefit you and your organization. 


  • Power BI Integration (Preview) 


  • Query Performance Insights (Preview)


  • Troubleshooting Guides (Preview)


  • New Regions (Generally Available)


Power BI Integration (Preview)  


We are happy to share that one of the most frequently requested features from our customers—Power BI integration—is now available in preview for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server. With this integration, you can effortlessly import data from your Flexible Server into Power BI Desktop and take advantage of its intuitive drag-and-drop canvas to visually explore your data. Additionally, Power BI offers a wide array of contemporary data visualizations and user-friendly report creation experiences. 


You can launch PowerBI directly from your Flexible Server blade as shown below. 




Learn more about Power BI Integration with Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server 


Query Performance Insights (Preview)  


Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server now supports Query Performance Insight in preview, a feature designed to offer smart analysis of your database queries. This powerful tool enables you to pinpoint the queries that are consuming the most resources and taking the longest to execute within your workload. By identifying these queries, you can optimize them to enhance the overall performance of your workload and make more efficient use of the resources in which you have invested. Query Performance Insight is designed to streamline the process of troubleshooting database performance by offering the various benefits which are documented in Query Performance Insights section. 





Learn more about Query Performance Insights from the Preview announcement and the documentation.  


Troubleshooting Guides (Preview)  


We have announced the public preview release of Troubleshooting Guides for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server. These guides aim to help users diagnose and resolve common issues more effectively. The guides cover six main topics: High CPU Usage, High Memory Usage, High IOPS Usage, High Temporary Files, Autovacuum Monitoring, and Autovacuum Blockers. Each guide includes detailed charts, guidelines, and recommendations for addressing specific issues. Troubleshooting Guide offers charts and visualizations to identify the root cause and follow recommendations, such as optimizing connection pooling settings, implementing connection timeouts, optimizing connection handling logic, and considering scaling the server to support increased workloads. Troubleshooting Guides empower users to efficiently address issues and ensure a stable and performant PostgreSQL experience on Azure. 


You can access troubleshooting guides from Help section in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server portal blade as shown below. 







Learn more about Troubleshooting Guides and see the blog announcement.  


How-to: Use Troubleshooting Guides for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server 




New Regions Launched (Generally Available)


Azure Database for PostgreSQL-Flexible has expanded its global presence to include seven additional regions: Germany North, South Africa West, Sweden South, Australia Central1, Australia Central 2, Poland Central, and Norway West. This expansion brings the total number of regions where the service is available to 48 worldwide. The addition of these new regions addresses the needs of many existing customers who require in-region disaster recovery solutions to fulfill their business and regulatory obligations. It is important to note that access to certain regions is restricted to accommodate specific customer use cases, such as in-country disaster recovery. These regions are available only upon request bycreating a new support request. 


Flexible Server Region Availability  

Learn more about Cross-region replication in Azure   



Learn more about  Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server. 

That is all for this month! Please continue sending us your feedback, please reach out via email to Ask Azure DB for PostgreSQL for any other questions or clarifications. 

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