Upgrade Azure Database for MySQL - Single Server to Flexible Server using Azure DMS
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Our flagship offering, Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, is well-positioned to serve as the best platform for hosting your MySQL workloads, offering maximum control and flexibility to run your MySQL servers. We're now directing all of our energies and feature investments towards Flexible Server, with Azure Database for MySQL - Single Server on path for retirement on 16 September 2024.


In the interim,  you’ll need to upgrade your service by using Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate to Flexible Server. This "upgrade” to Flexible Server will provide you with the following key benefits:

  • 1.5x improved price-performance of the Business Critical service tier with latest v5 compute SKUs, which can scale up to 96 vCores and IOPs scale up to 48K IOPs
  • Increased uptime by using zone redundant or same-zone hot standby and our custom maintenance windows.
  • Cost optimization through multiple features such as Burstable SKUs (up to 20 vCores), Stop/Start and Reserved Instances.


Leverage Azure Database Migration Service for a smooth upgrade


DMS is designed to provide an intuitive, self-serve migration experience for customers seeking to migrate MySQL – Single Server to Flexible Server, and at their own pace.

Depending on their database size, the nature of their workload, and their applications tolerance for downtime, customers can choose to perform either an offline or online migration.



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With the added benefits provided by Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server and Single Server on the road to retirement by 16 September 2024, there’s no better time to consider upgrading your Single Server instances using DMS!


If you have any feedback or questions about the information provided above, please refer to the published FAQs or leave a comment below or email us at AskAzureDBforMySQL@service.microsoft.com. Thank you!

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