MySQL extension for Azure Data Studio - General Availability
Published Sep 05 2023 07:31 AM 2,807 Views

We’re excited to announce the General Availability of the MySQL extension for Azure Data Studio!


Azure Data Studio (ADS) is a widely used tool among developers and administrators, providing the ability to work with multiple databases across data platforms and cloud deployment models, and to perform the most common tasks on all your databases from a single platform.


With the MySQL extension for Azure Data Studio, you can connect to, query and manage MySQL databases along with your other databases, taking advantage of the modern editor experience and capabilities in Azure Data Studio, such as IntelliSense, syntax highlighting, code snippets, native Jupyter Notebooks, an integrated terminal, and more. You can use this tooling with any MySQL server hosted on-premises, on virtual machines, on managed MySQL in other clouds, and on Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server.   


Here are a few other value-added features included in this extension:

  • Support for Azure Active Directory authentication method, in addition to native MySQL authentication.
  • Ability to explore Azure Database for MySQL flexible servers through the Azure Resource Explorer pane and establish connections with just a single-click.
  • Ability to create new firewall rules on the flexible servers directly from Azure Data Studio.
  • Source control integration with Git, integration with GitHub Copilot.
  • Customizable dashboards and insight widgets.


How to get started?


To get started with this functionality, download Azure Data Studio and install the “MySQL” extension from the extensions gallery. For more details on how to get started, watch the following demo video, or refer the QuickStart document on Microsoft Learn.






The MySQL extension enables database developers, administrators, data scientists, and engineers to easily work with any MySQL server (including Azure Database for MySQL flexible servers) along with their other databases, using the powerful capabilities of Azure Data Studio.


We welcome any contributions to the extension - be it logging bugs, submitting updates through pull requests, reporting issues, or adding suggestions. Navigate to the GitHub repository to learn more. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below or email us at Thank you!


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