Microsoft Azure innovation powers leading price-performance for MySQL database in the cloud
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As part of our commitment to ensuring that Microsoft Azure is the best place to run MySQL workloads, Microsoft is excited to announce that Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server just achieved a new, faster performance benchmark.


With the public preview of accelerated logs in the Azure Database for MySQL Business Critical service tier, you’ll see improved performance “out-of-the-box,” and at no additional cost. The Business Critical service tier is ideal for your high performance online transactional applications, where high-volume workloads benefit from quick transactions that enhance their productivity.


The accelerated logs feature is designed to improve database server performance for your mission-critical workloads within the Business-Critical tier by automatically storing transactional logs on a faster storage, thereby enhancing the throughput of the servers. Enabling accelerated logs on the Business Critical service tier results in 2x increase in throughput and 2x reduction in latency1, which results in improved performance for your end users. This is especially important for high-transaction workloads in e-commerce, gaming, social media, fintech and other internet-scale workloads, as it provides improved transaction commit time and enhanced concurrency.


Azure Database for MySQL is an industry leader in performance

According to a recent study2 by Principled Technologies, Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server with accelerated logs enabled provides the best performance in the industry when compared with AWS and GCP. Azure Database for MySQL Business Critical service tier is up to 50% faster than MySQL on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and up to 2.26 times faster than Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud SQL for MySQL.

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With innovations such as the ability to auto-scale IOPS up to 80K, 96 vCore compute, and 672 GiB memory, database performance is no longer limited by the compute, storage or IOPs capacity. This provides a significant boost to out-of-the-box performance for your end users, lowering the management overhead of performance monitoring and provisioning the right IOPs limit for a server. These innovations are on open-source community version of MySQL, enabling multi-cloud applications, no lock-in, no licensing costs, or any extended support cost. The features, bugfixes, and security patches that are available in the latest major and minor versions become available every 6 months on the service. You can use flexible maintenance control and major version upgrade features to apply the updates on-demand, at your pace.


With Azure Database for MySQL, you have the confidence that you deploy your environment on the trusted Microsoft Cloud which meets industry-leading security & compliance standards. With built-in encryption, Microsoft Entra ID integration, Private Link support, auditing capabilities and with SSL/TLS 1.2 enforcement the service offers maximum data protection for your data at rest and in transit over the network. Additionally, you can build new AI-driven intelligent applications with your data on Azure Database for MySQL by leveraging the latest innovations and integrations with Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Search.


Azure Database for MySQL leads in price-performance for mission-critical workloads

The study by Principled Technologies also quotes that Azure Database for MySQL is an industry leader in providing the best price-performance. The service provides the most value for your MySQL workloads, allowing cost and time savings as well as reduced complexity for doing more with less. With accelerated logs enabled, the Azure Database for MySQL Business Critical service tier costs up to 54% less than MySQL on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and costs up to 51% less than Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud SQL for MySQL.

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Further, Azure Database for MySQL helps you save up to 67% by allowing you to pre-pay for compute resources rather than using pay-as-you-go prices. With Azure Database for MySQL reserved instances, you make an upfront commitment on MySQL server for a one- or three-year period to get a significant discount on the compute costs.



Azure provides the best price-performance in the industry for Business Critical MySQL workloads with its latest innovation, accelerated logs, available at no additional cost to you, on open-source community version of MySQL.





  1. Results based on internal testing with and without accelerated logs enabled, conducted by Microsoft in October 2023.
  2. The study is commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Principled Technologies in October 2023.
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