Autoscale IOPS for Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server - General Availability
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We’re thrilled to announce General Availability of the autoscale IOPS feature for Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server. Autoscale IOPS offer the flexibility of scaling IOPS on demand, eliminating the need to pre-provision a specific amount of I/O per second.


With the autoscale IOPS feature, you can effortlessly scale your I/O operations on demand, saving valuable resources and streamlining your workloads. With this feature enabled, the server scales IOPS up or down automatically depending on workload needs. In this blog, I'll explain key benefits of the autoscale IOPS feature and provide simple steps for taking best advantage of this new functionality.


Experience the performance of Business-Critical tier with support for a remarkable 80K IOPS, unlocking unparalleled performance with a seamless surge in I/O operations per second, complemented by the innovative autoscale IOPS feature for scalability and cost optimization.


Key benefits

Key benefits of using the autoscale IOPs feature include:

  • Dynamic scalability: By enabling the autoscale IOPS feature, your server intelligently adapts its I/O operations in real-time, responding to your workload's demands.
  • Efficient cost optimization: Optimize your costs, as you'll only be billed for the I/O your server utilize. Bid farewell to the inefficiency of under-utilized resources and welcome substantial cost savings, thereby ensuring optimal allocation of your budget for enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  • Seamless experience: No more manual adjustments or complex configurations. The autoscale IOPS feature takes care of the scaling process effortlessly, offering a hassle-free experience with no intervention required.


Enabling the autoscale IOPS feature

To enable the autoscale IOPS feature, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Azure portal, navigate to your Azure Database for MySQL flexible server.
  2. On the Settings tab, select Compute + Storage.
  3. In the IOPS section, select Autoscale IOPS, and the select Save to apply the changes.


For a short demo of the feature, watch the following video!



For more details on how to select right IOPS settings for your workload, see the article Selecting the Optimal IOPS setting. To learn more about how to monitor the I/O utilization of your Azure Database for MySQL flexible server, see the article Monitor storage performance.



The autoscale IOPS feature empowers you with a dynamic, cost-effective, and seamless solution for optimizing the pefformance of your database. Take advantage of this revolutionary feature for enhanced scalability, efficient resource utilization, and hassle-free I/O management that increases the efficiency and productivity of your Azure Database for MySQL flexible server. 


If you have any feedback or questions about the information provided above, please leave a comment below or email us at Thank you, and happy autoscaling!

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