Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network

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Azure Data Factory announces the immediate public availability of Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network as public preview!


With this new feature, you can provision the Azure Integration Runtime in Managed Virtual Network and leverage Private Endpoints to securely connect to supported data stores.


Your data traffic between Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network and data stores goes through Azure Private Link which provides secured connectivity and eliminates your data exposure to the public internet. With the Managed Virtual Network along with Private Endpoints, you can also offload the burden of managing virtual networks to Azure Data Factory and protect against the data exfiltration.




To learn more about Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network, visit the Azure Data Factory documentation page.


To sign-up for the preview, please complete this form.

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Hello Everyone,

Tried the Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network feature. its really helpful in avoiding creation of VM with self hosted IR to access the storage accounts that are in a vnet with private endpoints.


However facing issues with the Azure IR with managed virtual network for the testing of connections ,importing the schemas etc .everytime the interative authoring of the IR is getting disabled and for enabling it its again taking 3 to 4 min not 1 min. A simple copy data activity is taking 2 sec of time with self hosted IR,here with Azure IR(managed virtual network) its taking about 2.4 min to be in queue and then its copying the data. there is lag


I can see Interactive authoring for Azure IR is having the below option,

Auto termination after 60 minutes of inactivity
eventhough the interactive authoring is getting disabling frequently that too with in a creation pipeline with copy activity of 5 min task.
Could you please help us on this with some suggestions
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@Mark Kromer

Is there an ETA on when private endpoints can be Azure Virtual Machines?   

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