Basic and Cert Authentication support added to ADF Web & Webhook activities in GIT mode
Published Feb 05 2020 10:55 AM 3,124 Views

Customers in GIT mode now have an option to provide Basic and Certificate authentication types for both Web Activity and Webhook activities for cross publish and backward compatibility scenarios. This can be done by storing the credentials in Azure Key Vault (AKV) to store basic and certificate authentication credentials in GIT mode.


For Web and Webhook activities, we now support the following 2 scenarios:


Scenario 1 -  Customer Datafactory has no GIT repository configuration. Storing credentials in AKV is optional and user can continue to pass credentials as secure string. Our recommendation to customers is to use AKV for securing their credentials.




Scenario 2 -  Datafactory has GIT repository configuration. We always force authentication credentials store as AKV. All existing customers with web and webhook activities will be forced to move their credentials to AKV, if they have GIT repro configured.



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