Azure Data Factory Changing Default Pipeline Activity Timeout
Published Aug 12 2022 05:58 PM 18.9K Views

Hey ADF fans! Here is a quick note on an important update that we will be making to ADF ...


In Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics, the default timeout for new pipeline activities is 7 days for most activities:




In a few weeks, we are going to change that default for new activities in your pipelines to 12 hours before the activity will timeout. This change is in direct response to your feedback. We gathered feedback across channels directly from the ADF product, customer interviews, and on social media.


It became very clear that the default timeout of 7 days was too long and far outside of the most common activity execution times we observed and heard from you. Keep in mind that you should adjust the timeout on long-running processes (i.e. large copy activity and data flow jobs) to a higher value if needed.


When this change is deployed to ADF and Synapse pipelines, we will include banners and notifications in your browser UI to indicate this is the new default value for timeouts so that you are aware it has been implemented.


As always, a big Thank You for using ADF and for sharing your ideas and feedback on ADF. It helps us tremendously in the product team at Microsoft Azure to make ADF and Synapse the best products for data engineers!



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