ADF now supports data integration with Snowflake
Published Jun 07 2020 08:21 PM 42.8K Views

Azure Data Factory provides 90+ built-in connectors allowing you to easily integrate with various data stores regardless of variety of volume, whether they are on premises or in the cloud.


We are glad to share that ADF newly added support for Snowflake connector with the following capabilities to fulfill your Snowflake data integration need:

  • Ingest data from Snowflake into any supported sinks (e.g. data lake) using Copy activity, which utilizes Snowflake’s COPY into <location> command to achieve the best performance;
  • Look up data from Snowflake for ADF control flow consumption using Lookup activity;
  • Load data into Snowflake from 90 plus supported sources using Copy activity, which takes advantage of Snowflake’s COPY into <table> command to achieve the best performance.

You can now find Snowflake connector from ADF connector gallery UI. Learn more from Snowflake connector documentation.




Next, we plan to enable the following to further enrich the ADF-Snowflake integration capabilities. Stay tuned!

  • Load semi-structured data from JSON files into Snowflake VARIANT column using Copy activity, for data processing in Snowflake subsequently. [Update 2020/7/12: now data factory supports direct copy between JSON files and Snowflake semi-structured data types, learn more from direct copy from Snowflake and direct copy to Snowflake.]
  • Support Snowflake in Mapping Data Flow as source and sink transformations to provide seamless ETL. [Update 2020/8/31: ADF enables Snowflake connector in Mapping Data Flow, learn more from this blog.]
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