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Thanks for pulling all this information into one space. It's really exciting to see the capabilities of Data Explorer and learn more about the Kusto query language.

Documentation link seems to be broken - Here is the correct one :



Great stuff, thank you! 

Quick question, for an SMB business who will have their data in Office (on-prem or Office365) and possibly in a 3rd party app (e.g. Quickbooks), would there be a tutorial about the process to identify, rationalize, normalize and then centralize all this data using Kusto and/or KQL?  The goal would be to create an SMB's data repository on Azure for backup/DR/BCP/GDPR compliance, etc.



Gates Ouimette


@Tzvia Gitlin Troyna 

Appreciate if you can throw some light on "how to decide between Azure Data Explorer and Time Series Insights".  Are there any guidelines and sample use cases which can provide us a better understanding while selecting one over the other.

@Tzvia Gitlin Troyna 


This is very informative .

Very informative and we would love to explore this. Thanks for sharing this at one place.

@Tzvia Gitlin Troyna I am new to Kusto and I receive the message "Partial query failure: Low memory condition (Message: 'Bad allocation')" in many cases some of them are related to JOIN and actually I don't know what is the meaning of it and how to avoid it.

@Tzvia Gitlin Troyna 

I am new to Kusto and I would like to know more about JOIN specially when joinning multiple tables together cause I always get an empty result.




I assume you already read the relevant documentation 

did you tried the free online courses with explanation on the most used operators ? 


would you like to add your query we may be able to identified the error?



the online courses will answer those questions, did you did them ?@lmaher 

Hi @Tzvia Gitlin Troyna


I am sorry I was quite busy the last few days, I will check the Online courses and get back to u. 


I really appreciate ur message :) 




@Tzvia Gitlin Troyna 


We ran into a row limitation within security.microsoft.com > advanced hunting.  We can only get 10,000 rows and we heard if you connect to PowerBI, you could get up to 100,000 rows.  However I'm not sure how we go about selecting our cluster within security.microsoft.com to connect using the Azure Data Explorer (Kusto).  Perhaps that not the right way to go about getting the data we need but it was a recommendation from a MS rep.




@snteran let's have a conversation: herauch@microsoft.com