Use the sample app generator to create code to ingest and query your data
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The sample app generator is a tool that allows you to create a working app to connect to your cluster/database, create a table based on your source schema, ingest and query your data in your preferred programming language. The generated code references the relevant SDK frameworks and is tailored to your cluster and data. The app is a self-contained, executable example that demonstrates how to connect to a cluster using authentication, administer, and ingest and query data using the SDK.


You can use the generated code as a baseline to write your own apps, altering the code as you go, or you can copy sections of code into your own apps. The code includes comments with tips, best practices, links to reference material, and recommended TODO changes when adapting the code to your needs.

The service automatically generates schema and ingestion properties, which you can change. You can use an existing mapping structure or create a new one, depending on if you're ingesting to a new or existing table.

Once you have completed schema mapping and column manipulations, the sample app generator wizard will start the code generation process.

After code generation, the sample app project will be available for download as a ZIP file. Detailed instructions for running the project with the selected SDK will be shown both on the summary tab and inside the sample project file. In addition, the wizard gives you options to use Quick commands for initial exploration of your data.


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