Power BI modeling with ADX - cheat sheet
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Power BI modeling with ADX - cheat sheet


Creating Star-schema models with ADX


  1. Any dimension table should include a setting of IsDimension=true



  1. Relationships between DQ tables are created as M:M by default. This is not a problem and even recommended with single direction.



  • If you want to change the relationship to 1:m , make sure to also check assume referential integrity. This will force the connector to use inner joins.

You can change to 1:M from the relationships properties










  1. Dimensions in dual mode are recommended especially if you want to search on dimensions and slicers cross filter each other.
  2. Date filters, unlike string filters, are not optimal when joining the fact table.

Date dimensions if needed, should be imported.

  1. Use Strings for key columns which participate in relationships.

Integer columns are less optimal and should be avoided.

  1. Decimal columns should be avoided as they are very slow in calculations.
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