Kibana dashboards and visualizations on top of Azure Data Explorer are now supported with K2Bridge
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Elasticsearch and Kibana users can now easily migrate to Azure Data Explorer (ADX) while keeping Kibana as their visualization tool, alongside the other Azure Data Explorer experiences and the powerful KQL language.
A new version of K2Bridge (Kibana-Kusto free and open connector) now supports dashboards and visualizations, in addition to the Discover tab which was previously supported.

Along with visualizing and creating dashboards, the new version also offers:

  • Support of Kibana version 7.10.2, for an improved user experience.
  • Improved filtering of Kusto's dynamic data type
  • Enhanced security - it is now possible to authorize the Azure Data Explorer cluster with a system-assigned managed identity, in addition to the previously supported Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) service principal method.

To learn more about Elasticsearch to Azure Data Explorer migration, visit this blog post.


Kibana dashboard, on top of ADX, with K2BridgeKibana dashboard, on top of ADX, with K2Bridge

With Kibana's Discover tab, you can search and explore the data, filter results, add or remove fields in the results grid, view record content, and save searches.

Discover tabDiscover tab


Now, you can create bar charts visualizations by using the Visualize button on the 'top 5 values' pop-up.  

You can adjust the metrics (Y-axis) and buckets aggregation (x-axis) from the menu.  



Alternatively, you can use the Visualize tab to create other visualizations like Vertical bar, Area chart, Line chart, Horizontal bar, Pie chart, Gauge, Data table, Heat map, Goal chart, and Metric chart. After creating visualizations, you can use them to build dashboards.
Some examples:

Pie chartPie chartData tableData table

Heat MapHeat Map


Get started today. Install K2Bridge!

You are invited to explore our GitHub repository and install the K2Bridge connector.
To find out more about K2Bridge and the supported visualizations, see the documentation.

You can also watch a step-by-step installation video (of the previous K2Bridge version) as part of a free Pluralsight course.



This project was made possible with the collaboration of the Microsoft CSE (Commercial Software Engineering) group and the Azure Data Explorer team.


What's Next

K2Bridge is a Microsoft open and free project. We welcome your contributions and collaboration! 
More details can be found on the 
contribution section of the GitHub repository.

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