Introducing Conversion Functions in KQL
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Are you working with unit measurement data and the data is one unit and you need it another unit?


There could be many reasons that you need to convert the value, whether this is due to regional requirements or to simplify for reporting.


Great news, the Kusto team have introduced several unit conversion functions to Azure Data Explorer that will help with this.


Below you will find the list of unit conversion functions that have been added along with examples.


convert_angle - Converts one angle unit to another.


Conversion units available for angles:

Arcminute, Arcsecond, Centiradian, Deciradian, Degree, Gradian, Microdegree, Microradian, Millidegree, Milliradian, Nanodegree, Nanoradian, NatoMil, Radian, Revolution, Tilt.


Example to convert from Degree to Arcminute:




convert_energy – Converts one energy unit to another.


Conversion units available for energy:

BritishThermalUnit, Calorie, DecathermEc, DecathermImperial, DecathermUs, ElectronVolt, Erg, FootPound, GigabritishThermalUnit, GigaelectronVolt, Gigajoule, GigawattDay, GigawattHour, HorsepowerHour, Joule, KilobritishThermalUnit, Kilocalorie, KiloelectronVolt, Kilojoule, KilowattDay, KilowattHour, MegabritishThermalUnit, Megacalorie, MegaelectronVolt, Megajoule, MegawattDay, MegawattHour, Millijoule, TeraelectronVolt, TerawattDay, TerawattHour, ThermEc, ThermImperial, ThermUs, WattDay, WattHour.


Example to convert from Joule to BritishThermalUnit:




convert_force – Converts one force unit into another.


Conversion units available for force:

Decanewton, Dyn, KilogramForce, Kilonewton, KiloPond, KilopoundForce, Meganewton, Micronewton, Millinewton, Newton, OunceForce, Poundal, PoundForce, ShortTonForce, TonneForce.


Example to convert from Newton to Decanewton:




convert_length – Converts one length unit to another.


Conversion units available for length:

Angstrom, AstronomicalUnit, Centimeter, Chain, DataMile, Decameter, Decimeter, DtpPica, DtpPoint, Fathom, Foot, Hand, Hectometer, Inch, KilolightYear, Kilometer, Kiloparsec, LightYear, MegalightYear, Megaparsec, Meter, Microinch, Micrometer, Mil, Mile, Millimeter, Nanometer, NauticalMile, Parsec, PrinterPica, PrinterPoint, Shackle, SolarRadius, Twip, UsSurveyFoot, Yard.


Example to convert from Meter to Foot:




convert_mass – Converts one mass unit into another.


Conversion units available for mass:

Centigram, Decagram, Decigram, EarthMass, Grain, Gram, Hectogram, Kilogram, Kilopound, Kilotonne, LongHundredweight, LongTon, Megapound, Megatonne, Microgram, Milligram, Nanogram, Ounce, Pound, ShortHundredweight, ShortTon, Slug, SolarMass, Stone, Tonne.


Example to convert from Kilogram to Pound:




convert_speed - Convert a speed value from one unit to another.


Conversion units available for speed:

CentimeterPerHour, CentimeterPerMinute, CentimeterPerSecond, DecimeterPerMinute, DecimeterPerSecond, FootPerHour, FootPerMinute, FootPerSecond, InchPerHour, InchPerMinute, InchPerSecond, KilometerPerHour, KilometerPerMinute, KilometerPerSecond, Knot, MeterPerHour, MeterPerMinute, MeterPerSecond, MicrometerPerMinute, MicrometerPerSecond, MilePerHour, MillimeterPerHour, MillimeterPerMinute, MillimeterPerSecond, NanometerPerMinute, NanometerPerSecond, UsSurveyFootPerHour, UsSurveyFootPerMinute, UsSurveyFootPerSecond, YardPerHour, YardPerMinute, YardPerSecond.


Example to convert from MeterPerSecond to CentimeterPerHour:




convert_temperature - Convert a temperature value from one unit to another.


Conversion units available for temperature:

DegreeCelsius, DegreeDelisle, DegreeFahrenheit, DegreeNewton, DegreeRankine, DegreeReaumur, DegreeRoemer, Kelvin, MillidegreeCelsius, SolarTemperature.


Example to convert from Kelvin to DegreeCelsius:




convert_volume - Convert a volume value from one unit to another.


Conversion units available for volume:

AcreFoot, AuTablespoon, BoardFoot, Centiliter, CubicCentimeter, CubicDecimeter, CubicFoot, CubicHectometer, CubicInch, CubicKilometer, CubicMeter, CubicMicrometer, CubicMile, CubicMillimeter, CubicYard, Decaliter, DecausGallon, Deciliter, DeciusGallon, HectocubicFoot, HectocubicMeter, Hectoliter, HectousGallon, ImperialBeerBarrel, ImperialGallon, ImperialOunce, ImperialPint, KilocubicFoot, KilocubicMeter, KiloimperialGallon, Kiloliter, KilousGallon, Liter, MegacubicFoot, MegaimperialGallon, Megaliter, MegausGallon, MetricCup, MetricTeaspoon, Microliter, Milliliter, OilBarrel, UkTablespoon, UsBeerBarrel, UsCustomaryCup, UsGallon, UsLegalCup, UsOunce, UsPint, UsQuart, UsTablespoon, UsTeaspoon.


Example to convert from CubicMeter to AcreFoot:





Please provide feedback if there are any additional conversion functions that you would find useful!

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