Generally available: Kusto Emulator
Published Sep 06 2022 08:48 AM 4,444 Views

I am excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of the Kusto Emulator.


With this we can now bring Kusto on our laptop and in our CI/CD pipelines!


vplauzon_2-1662131766471.png The Kusto Emulator is a Docker Image exposing a Kusto Query Engine endpoint.  We can use it to create databases, ingest and query data.  The emulator understands Kusto Query Language (KQL) the same way the Azure Service does.  We can therefore use it for local development and be ensured the code is going to run the same in an Azure Data Explorer cluster.  We can also deploy it in a CI/CD pipeline to run automated test suites to ensure our code behaves as expected.


The Docker Image is available free of charge with the following license.  We hope it will enable the users of the Kusto eco-system to be more productive.


You can find the overview documentation on the Kusto Emulator here.

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