General availability: Azure Data Explorer connector for Power Automate, Logic Apps, and Power Apps
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Azure Data Explorer connector for Power Automate, Logic Apps, and Power Apps enables you to automate alerts and notifications, orchestrate business workflows, and build low-code, no-code apps. This is done by using native Azure Data Explorer actions to execute KQL queries and commands on your cluster.

Some of the key scenarios that can be built using integration of Azure Data Explorer with Power Automate and Logic Apps:

  • Automation of alerts and notifications
  • Automation of recurring tasks and business workflows
  • Automation of copy of data scenarios
  • Automation of export of data
  • Integration with Microsoft or 3rd party services

Some of the key scenarios that can be built using integration of Azure Data Explorer with Power Apps: 

  • Management of reference data
  • Data entry scenarios such as audit in manufacturing plants
  • Decision making apps e.g. in energy and utilities industry, one of the common scenario is to predict the maintenance of machines and sending a technician to respond to those scenarios.

Check out the usage example documentation to get started.

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