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In the last couple of years, we established an amazing partner ecosystem. Becoming an Azure Data Explorer partner has many benefits such as having direct access to the team which develops the service, getting early updates on the roadmap or common PR. We established an ADX targeted Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program (AAAP) program and conducted multiple meetups and workshops.


“Find my partner” is an extension of the existing Microsoft Partner ecosystem and has the goal to make a faster connection between ADX customers and partners. It starts with a diverse set of 20+ companies covering many geographies and solution areas. We are continuously investing by adding more partners to the list.


It’s very easy to consume the latest state of the “Find my partner” list by querying the “Partner” table in the “FindMyPartner” database located on our help cluster

Querying the count of partners:




| count





Querying partners in EMEA:




| where FocusGeography has "EMEA"





The second option to consume the list of partners in this program is by opening our documentation. This allows to find ADX partner using a search engine such as bing.



Last but not least, we created a brand new link to create your own dashboard for members of the "Find my partner" program. Just navigate to our home page and click on the "Find my partner" button. This will create a new built-in dashboard for you which you can edit further or simply save to your list of existing ADX dashboards. The default implementation allows you to cross filter by right-clicking on the partner name or by making a selection in the corresponding parameter.



We hope that you like this new program and happy to take your feedback!


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