Azure Data Explorer offers on AMD SKUs
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Last year we announced the support for AMD based SKU for Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and since then our customer are taking advantage of AMD SKUs with hundreds of thousands of vCPUs running analytical workloads across many industries, and we continue to see ADX adoption growing overtime.


These days, companies and governments are flooded with exabytes of time-series, log, and telemetry data, streaming in from IoT devices, applications, and websites, and other sources. This constant stream of near real-time data can be overwhelming and slow. Customers are leveraging Azure Data Explorer clusters to create meaningful connections across various data types and sources. Using Azure Data Explorer's analytical capabilities, customers are improving their business efficiencies, deploying services for vehicle safety, or making the world a safer place by building cybersecurity products.


Azure Data Explorer offers the following capabilities to customers:

  • Instant big data insights – Platform supports near real time insights over petabytes of data. It implements high volume, high velocity data ingestion pipeline to ingest high variance (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) data.
  • Fully managed platform – With auto indexing and auto compression, customers do not need to manage Azure Data Explore cluster deployment. Capabilities like Auto scale, caching and retention helps customer focus on business, not operations.
  • Powerful and easy to access data analytics – Promotes self-service, ad-hoc query experience over the raw data with the intuitive KQL (Kusto query language).
  • Proven technology at petabyte scale – Azure Data Explorer cluster is a distributed system with compute and storage that can scale independently, enabling analytics on petabytes of data.

Azure Data Explorer is versatile, and it has been used in a variety of scenarios. The most common scenarios include:

  • Forming an interactive telemetry data lake or “log lake” from on-prem, Azure, or other cloud providers
  • Building solutions for IoT analytics or Security log analytics
  • Building analytical solutions as a service with Azure Data Explorer as a back-end data platform.

We continue to expand the range of potential ADX applications and customer scenarios that you can benefit from.


Azure Data Explorer is also the underlining data platform that is powering several Azure services like Azure Monitor, Microsoft Intune for data centers, services, applications and device management, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Sentinel and others in the security space, Azure Time Series Insights, Azure IoT Central, the connected vehicles platform in the IoT space, PlayFab for gaming analytics, Dynamics 365 Product Insights in commerce, Office 365 Education Class Insights and so.


Azure Data Explorer and AMD EPYC™ -based VMs

Azure Data Explorer can run on the AMD EPYC™ processor-based Azure Dav4, Eav4, Easv4 and Lsv2 VM-series. AMD-based Azure VMs enable customers to gain higher performance while keeping the costs low. With this performance and efficiency, Azure Data Explorer customers can improve the real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices, and more.


You can use the following resources to learn more about AMD EPYCTM processor based Azure virtual machines and Azure Data Explorer:

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  7. Free online Courses: KQL from Scratch, Azure data exploring, How to start with Azure Data Explorer (blog), Advanced KQL (blog)

For more information, review our blogs and YouTube channel or connect us at @AzDataExplorer, Stack overflow and Tech community forum.

Opportunities for partners

Azure Data Explorer is now offering incentives for Microsoft partners who deploy Azure Data Explorer (ADX) clusters on supported Azure Virtual Machines featuring AMD EPYC™ processors.


If you are a Microsoft partner who would like to deploy ADX clusters on supported Azure Virtual Machines featuring AMD EPYC™ processors, please contact your Microsoft representative and or register here to discuss specific incentives.

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