Azure Data Explorer KQL cheat sheets
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Kusto Query Language is a powerful intuitive query language, which is being used by many Microsoft Services.

KQL Language concepts​


  • Relational operators (filters, union, joins, aggregations, …)
  • Each operator consumes tabular input and produces tabular output
  • Can be combined with ‘|’ (pipe).
  • Similarities: OS shell, Linq, functional SQL…
  • Ease to write, read, change
  • Statements:
  • Single statement query 
  • Use ‘let’ for reusing statements
  • Multi-statement (‘;’) queries

official Azure Data Explorer KQL quick reference page -


One of our customers released a cheat sheet for #KQL (Kusto Query Language).



Documentation: here 

Free Online course -

 Doc -

 Q&A  - StackOverFlow/TechCommunity


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