Azure Data Explorer (ADX) free cluster with Upgrade option
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Azure Data Explorer free cluster

Start your Azure Data Explorer free cluster today. No credit card, payment information, or Azure subscription is required to create a free cluster! All that you need is a Microsoft account or an Azure Active Directory user identity.


The free cluster offers you a 100GB analytics database with 4 vCPUs. The free cluster is available for a full year, which will be automatically extended barring any changes to the program terms. With the free version you get the full ADX experience. Startups, students, data analysts, home techies and others can easily ingest and query their data using the data analytics native KQL querying language. They can then visualize their data with Dashboards and share it with others.


New “upgrade option”

We are now announcing an in-place seamless upgrade from the free trial to a full-blown Azure Data Explorer cluster that offers these additional benefits:

  • Native to Azure
  • Enterprise ready
  • Unlimited storage (beyond the free 100GB)
  • Unlimited scalability with auto scale feature that automatically turns on / off compute resources based on actual usage
  • End-to-end solution for data ingestion, query, visualization, and management
  • Integration to Azure Monitor and Insights
  • Event Hub and Event Grid connectors

Upgrade with a few clicks

The Upgrade path is an easy one and it is done by associating your Free Cluster and its data to an Azure subscription. 

From the ADX Web Explorer, go to the My Cluster (Preview) menu item:



Click on Upgrade to Azure Cluster and fill in the following details in the Upgrade form:



Cluster name

By default, the free cluster name will be listed


Select the Azure subscription that you want to use 

Resource group

Use an existing resource group or create a new one

Cluster region

Select the region that best meets your requirements.

Availability zone

Use availability zones in the same region (optional). 

Azure Availability Zones are unique physical locations within the same Azure region.


That’s it, you now have an Enterprise cluster with unlimited scalability!

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