ADX Web updates – Jan 2024
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Introducing Data Profile

We are extremely pleased to introduce the new Data Profile feature.

Whether you're a seasoned KQL writer or new to the language, our Data Profile feature is designed with you in mind. For KQL experts, it provides quick access to schema details and column statistics, enhancing query writing efficiency.


If you're new to the language, use this feature as a steppingstone, to quickly gain basic insights and build confidence on your journey to becoming a proficient query writer.



Data Profile features (1) dynamic time chart showcasing data distribution based on ingestion time (or your chosen datetime field), alongside a comprehensive display of each table (2) columns with key statistics. For each column, there is a (3) display of top values.




View query of a dashboard tile


We've been actively listening to your feedback, and today, we're thrilled to introduce a new experience for viewing a dashboard tile’s underlying KQL query without disrupting your workflow.

This enhancement directly addresses long-standing requests:

  1. Effortless query viewing

Now, you can view the query (read-only) right from the dashboard without the need to navigate away, preserving your valuable context.

  1. Query tab management made easy

No more creating new query tabs each time you explore a tile's query. Our update ensures a streamlined experience, optimizing your dashboard navigation.



Base query


A very common use case is to build and maintain dashboards where numerous tiles draw insights from the same tables and parameters. Traditionally, each tile's query starts from scratch, redundantly repeating query snippets. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it also invites inconsistencies across tiles.

With Base Queries, you can create query snippets and define them as foundational elements within the context of a single dashboard – Base queries.

Such a base query can be used to power the dashboard’s parameters, tiles and other base queries.




To learn more about base queries, please go to the announcement here - Introducing Dashboards Base Queries: Enhancing Productivity and Consistency - Microsoft Community Hu...  

Or read the docs here -


Azure Data Explorer Web UI team is looking forward for your feedback in

You’re also welcome to add more ideas and vote for them here -


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