ADX useful links
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Want to learn more about ADX? Here are some useful links


ADX Product Page


Cost estimator 

Customer stories

Preloaded open ‘help’ ADX cluster

Queries that can run on this cluster ('Samples' DB): and throughout the docs.

Start for free


YouTube Channel
Including the ADX intro video:

Reference architecture (integration with other components)
Written version:

Security/enterprise readiness:

Enterprise Readiness with Azure Data Explorer - YouTube


ADX product team blog (this blog)



LinkedIn group

Stack overflow


KQL cheat sheets

KQL tutorial (you can run the KQL on the “help” cluster)

Learn and practice KQL (community content)

KQL Overview video 

Free Online Training

MS learn modules and free Pluralsight courses

MS Learn modules


Pluralsight - To activate the free benefit


Technical posts:

101 blog posts
Just Enough Azure Data Explorer for Architects

Technical whitepaper:

Five Reasons to Choose ADX

Top Five Reasons to Choose Azure Data Explorer (

Performance benchmark


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