ADX dashboards January 2022 updates
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We’re happy to announce that we’ve taken the first step to provide dashboard creation and automation tools, and it is now possible to export a dashboard to a file, import dashboard from file and replace a dashboard with a file.


Export dashboard to a json file

Exporting dashboard to a file can be used for the following use cases:

  1. Dashboards’ version control - users looking for version control of dashboards can export the dashboard to a file and use GitHub, Visual studio or any other tool to version control the dashboard. You can do a daily or weekly export of a dashboard to a file and use that file to backtrack the dashboard later, if needed.
  2. Manual editing of dashboards – The dashboard json file can be manually modified, by adding tiles, changing tiles’ queries or titles and more. The file is in readable format and can be easily changed, to update the original dashboard.
  3. Use the dashboard file as template for dashboard creation – once you create a dashboard json file, you can structure it in a way that will serve as template for future dashboards. This template can be used by your team when building a new dashboard to start from a more advanced starting point.

Export to file and replace with file

The export to file is used to save the dashboard metadata in and can be later imported back to the original dashboard or a different dashboard to override that dashboard. In many cases this is used to revert dashboard to a previous version.

The new Export to file and Replace with file are under the new File menu item.



Import dashboard from file

Import dashboard from file is used to create a new dashboard from an existing json file.

The new Import dashboard from file is found under the New Dashboard drop down.




For more details on how to use ADX dashboards export and import read this -

You’re welcome to add more proposals and ideas around dashboard programmatic management and other topics and vote for them here -

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