ADX Dashboards August 2020 update
Published Aug 06 2020 07:09 AM 2,323 Views

If you’ve been using ADX dashboards, you know it is now in public preview. Thank you for your great feedback on ease of use, performance, and deep integration with the Web UI client. You can continue sending your feedback to You can also provide feedback in the feedback box in the dashboard app.

In this update we will present the new ADX dashboards features and capabilities released on August:

Auto refresh

Due to popular customer request, we recently introduced the capability to auto refresh dashboards. This feature allows you to display your ADX dashboards on team and hallway monitors. The dashboards are refreshed regularly to see the latest data. This feature allows you to control the minimal time interval of continuous refresh to reduce the load on the ADX cluster.




Free text parameter

The new “free text” parameter type lets you specify a text value to be used when filtering your dashboards. This is very useful in high cardinality situations where it’s not practical to display thousands or even millions of filter values in the filter control.


Filter search

Filter search allows you to quickly and easily search for specific values in the filter drop-down. This prevents the need to scroll through the whole list of filter values to find the value you need.




Visual formatting options

Using the visual formatting options, you can easily customize various aspects of the visuals.




Sharing and permission improvements

In addition to adding support for AAD groups, we now also fully support guest users within AAD groups.

Stay tuned for more upcoming ADX dashboard features!




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