Get a 360-degree view of data sharing lineage with Azure Data Share and Purview
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As companies embark on the journey to be data-driven, they need access to data both within and outside of their organization. It is critical to be able to share data easily and securely with external business partners and internally between different departments. Azure Data Share enables easy and secure sharing of files, folders, and databases with just a few clicks. Through the integration with Azure Purview, you can now have a 360-degree view of data sharing including what data is shared with or received from other organizations, which helps you perform impact and root cause analysis on your datasets.


Scenario 1: 360-degree view of data sharing

Whether you are sharing data with business partners or within your organization, you can see bi-directional sharing relationships in the Purview asset lineage graph. You can discover all the datasets that are shared to or received from a specific organization.




Scenario 2: Impact analysis on data shared with another organization

When you make a change to a dataset, such as changing the file format or the schema of a database table, it is important to know who is using that data and will be impacted by the change. Lineage lets you easily understand the impact of the downstream internal or external users who you have shared the data with.




Scenario 3: Root cause analysis for data received from other organizations

When troubleshooting a data issue, it is important to find out source of the data. Using lineage, you can identify where the data is originally coming from, and if it is from within or outside your organization.




Get started

It just takes a few simple steps to get data sharing lineage in Purview.

  1. Connect your Azure Data Share account to a Purview account
  2. Trigger scheduled or on-demand snapshots in Azure Data Share
  3. Browse and select an asset in Purview
  4. View the asset lineage in Purview

This quick demo shows the steps:



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