UI Library updates for simpler meetings, accessibility, pinch-to-zoom and more
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We are very excited to release new capabilities for developers using the Azure Communication Services UI Library.


For the Web UI Library, the GA (General Availability) release of a new composite, Call with Chat , that enables developers to easily integrate a joint communication experience for calling and chat.


For the Mobile UI Library, the release includes a cumulative update to our public preview; in this new version, we introduce localization, screen shared content with zooming, and several enhancements to the calling experience.


These releases contain several improvements and new features that will help you as a team to achieve more in less time and add extra value to your communication application. Please take a moment to review those features and provide any feedback; you can visit the GitHub repositories to get more details:



Web UI Library


Call with Chat Composite

This new composite, bring together call and chat capabilities inside a unified component. It has been designed from the ground up to ensure a great experience when using these two capabilities together. It features support for Teams interoperability, making it easier to provide a full experience to users who are joining a Teams meeting where the rest of the participants will have voice, video, and chat capabilities.  Learn more about it on our documentation.




Mobile UI Library


View screen shared content & perform pinch to zoom.

Now, any calling participant will be capable of viewing the shared content when other participant shares their screen during the call. Participants can zoom into the shared content, using a pinch gesture over the screen to get a better look at the shared content.



Localization is a key to making products that can be used across the world. The Mobile UI Library now provides support for 13 languages out of the box (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese) and RTL (Right to Left) capabilities. Please share feedback for additional required languages. You can learn more about it on “How to add localization in your app”.



Accessibility by design is a principle across Microsoft products. UI Library follows this principle in making sure that all UI Components are fully accessible. This release includes improvements to move towards compliance with Microsoft accessibility standards. Further improvements are planned for upcoming releases.


Enhance the full experience & bug fixing

Incorporated enhancements into the calling experience, adding UI/UX polish experience and new capabilities, like audio device selection, so at the beginning of the call, users can join the calling experience using the audio hardware they prefer, whether it's a Bluetooth speaker or a wired headphone will be listed, and you can set the device configuration.


How to provide quick feedback, comments, or report bugs?

Please use the UI SDK channel to file bugs, provide feedback or ask questions. We as a Mobile UI team will be keeping a close eye on this. Or drop a comment on our public GitHub repositories:


Thank you!

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