Anywhere365 integrates Azure Communication Services into their Dialogue Cloud Platform
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Every day, companies aim to help their customers realize the most value from their products and services. They do this by providing effective service through automated self-service and human assistance with customer service agents. Brands recognize the value of using AI across their omnichannel communication to ensure continuous improvement as well as prompt effective automated and human responses that better serve customers.


Azure Communication Services is Microsoft's intelligent B2C communication platform offering agent-to-customer and automated communication API/SDKs for independent software vendors (ISVs) to engineer within their customer service offerings. Today we have great news to share; Anywhere365 incorporates Azure Communication Services into its cloud contact center offering alongside integration with Microsoft Teams. The outcome of this helps businesses achieve more with AI-powered intelligent B2C communication solutions.


Founded in 2010, Anywhere365 a Netherland headquartered company, is a fast-growing SaaS communication provider,  fully developed on the Microsoft technology, that has successfully expanded globally over the last 14 years. Today more than 2,000 enterprise companies around the world trust their contact center solution, including Rabobank, DHL, Emirates, Founders Insurance Company, KPMG, Mazda,  Deloitte, Aldi, Vodafone and Zeiss.


Anywhere365 has integrated Azure Communication Services to power their Dialogue Cloud platform. Incoming calls to the platform are managed by Azure Communication Services Call Automation API, which answers calls, plays audio prompts, and collects audio streams. Calls can then be directed to the appropriate agents based on their availability, using Microsoft Teams or the custom-built Anywhere365 WebAgent. Azure Communication Services also enables audio transcription in real-time using Azure AI services along with Azure OpenAI Models to generate conversation summaries for post-call analysis. Finally, Anywhere365’s Dialogue Studio allows rapid deployment and integration with Microsoft Copilot Studio.


We are excited about Anywhere365's advancements using Microsoft technology which also includes an embedded contact center within Teams for omnichannel communication that integrates with identify services for secure communication. With it, companies have access to a native embedded contact center in their Teams environment and infrastructure. They can also decrease call handling time and improve customer experience with the use of AI technology, with features such as the ability to summarize voice conversations, translate chat messages, and autofill forms with key data from voice conversations in business apps.


"At Anywhere365, we envision a future where every customer feels heard, understood and valued. We help brands deliver exceptional customer experiences: enhanced engagement, efficient workforce collaboration, AI driven insights, and full omni-channel service experience, leveraging the power of Teams, Azure Communication Services and the Microsoft ecosystem. In addition, Anywhere365's Agent Assist, powered by Azure OpenAI, helps agents decrease call handling time and improve customer experience" says Will Blench CEO, Anywhere365.




Anywhere365’s contact center solution is available on the Azure Marketplace enabling Microsoft clients to use their corporate discount. Now there is every reason to bring your Microsoft Teams and Azure investment to play with Anywhere365’s contact center solution.


About Azure Communication Services: Azure Communication Services enables ISVs, like Anywhere365, to interact with customers using any channel, augmenting existing customer service platforms with intelligence and automation, and helping customers use Microsoft Teams to access subject matter experts in a company from existing call centers to exceed customer expectations and empower employees.


About Anywhere365: Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud is a native communication layer on top of Microsoft Teams and its foundational framework, Azure Communication Services. A trusted Microsoft partner, they fully leverage existing investments in the Microsoft ecosystem to streamline communications for an accurate, reliable, customer-centric experience. Their omnichannel capabilities create flexibility and freedom to seamlessly reach  customers on any communication channel, facilitating speedy solutions, whilst creating the capacity to handle more requests. 


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