Securely manage and autofill passwords across all your mobile devices with Microsoft Authenticator

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Howdy folks,


Today we are announcing the general availability of password management and autofill capability in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Ever since we announced the public preview, we’ve seen a lot of interest among both enterprises and individual users. Users love the convenience of the Authenticator app syncing and autofilling their strong passwords for all their identities even as they move across devices - mobile or desktop. On desktops, you can autofill these passwords using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome extension.


The passwords are saved as part of your personal Microsoft account and they are encrypted both on the device as well as in the cloud. In addition, every password autofill from the Authenticator requires the same bio-gesture you provide for sign-ins, enforcing a multi-factor authentication.


Since the public preview, we have made a few additional changes to this feature:


  • Enable autofill even when a work account is added to the Authenticator - During the preview, the autofill feature was disabled if a work account was configured in the Authenticator app. Based on your feedback, we have now allowed this Microsoft account-based capability for your users even when they have a work account in the Authenticator app. Enterprises can request this feature to be disabled on Authenticator apps that have work or school accounts added.
  • Passwords import – We also saw a lot of interest for importing existing passwords from your other password solutions. We have added support for importing passwords from Google Chrome and select password managers.


Autofill is rolling out in Authenticator app on iOS (iOS 12.0+) and Android (Android 6.0+). To learn more about the autofill feature, visit our FAQs page.






As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think in the comments below or on the Azure AD feedback forum. 


Best regards,

Alex Simons (@Alex_A_Simons)

Corporate VP of Program Management

Microsoft Identity Division


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Is family sharing coming?


Good news, but how do I prevent users from signing in to that personal account on our MDM devices? We do not want Authenticator signed in with a work account, now allowing users to store corporate credentials via a personal account, for obvious reasons. Maybe I have not closely enough on app config profiles for Authenticator.


@Bot_i_am_not, request noted. Thanks for sharing.


@Pontus T, thanks for sharing. Your concern is noted. For now, you can configure this feature for all your users by clicking here. We will add additional controls in this over time. Also, if you are interested in sharing your enterprise needs from a password management pov, we'd love to do a deep dive with you. Thanks for your many contributions in this forum since 2016.




Currently looking to deploy Bitwarden, as an Enterprise Centralised Credentials Management System.


However, if we can use the existing Microsoft Licenses/Eco-system for centralised password management, it would definitely be a pro.


This includes: sharing credentials, E2E Encryption and Open Source with External Audits of the System.


Please share a road map for this project.

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I'm really enjoying the new feature, especially coupled with the Microsoft Autofill extension in Edge (more so, when credentials are discovered automatically once I sign into a website using my current password manager!).


I'd love to see an additional field for a password's Category, so a flat listing of all passwords becomes easier to view and navigate, and not limited to the current alphabetical arrangement. An additional field for related Notes might be a nice option as well.


Hey Devs,


Can't wait to get this rolled out to our users. We still use KeePass for our users to store their creds, this is going to be an immediate replacement.


We would ideally like to replace KeePass for departmental cred usage, especially if it provided 2FA and auditing. Is there anything in the roadmap for this?



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Can we get a white paper on how the passwords are stored and retrieved? Are your methods comparable to other services such as LastPass? I couldn't hand over all my valuables without knowing the ins and outs of how they are being stored. I think a white paper, like what other services have provided, would be beneficial to the technical community in order to provide trust vs relying only on reputation.

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Like @cybermonk I've got questions about how my credentials are secured. I'm also interested in the product roadmap and how the feature set will compare to other well-known password managers like LastPass, Keeper, 1Password etc. Will password manager support auditing, recommended password rotation, dark net monitoring, MFA to support securing synced passwords on a PC? 


Folks, thanks for all your feedback. Sorry about the delay in response. We will respond soon. I am reaching out to a few of you for enterprise deep dives in parallel.

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@Rajat Luthra We are an Enterprise in Healthcare Sector, and would love to be able to offer this to our users. Is there a roadmap for work account implementation of autofill and being able to restrict any other accounts as we do now for Microsoft apps using IntuneMAMAllowedAccountsOnly and IntuneMAMUPN keys?

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