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First published on TECHNET on Nov 04, 2014
Hello folks,

One of our Engineering PMs that supports our Diagnostics and Automated solutions published a blog regarding Bing and how you can use it to answer your technical questions and provide automated solutions.  Here is a brief overview:

Bing Technical Instant Answers provide concise answers to technical questions directly within search results and hopefully answer your question (or help you solve an issue) without you having to actually visit the web pages linked within the answer. The answers are triggered by specific search phrases, and they try to provide a unique benefit either by precisely matching your intent or by providing additional content related to your intent. In some cases, the instant answer will link to an automated fix or troubleshooter that you can run directly from the Bing search results. Microsoft will constantly be adding new technical answers, so if you have a technical problem with a Microsoft product or service try asking Bing to see if we have an instant answer for you!

Go check out his blog via the link below:

Using Bing for technical instant answers and automated solutions


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