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First published on TECHNET on Aug 25, 2009

Windows 7 is only a few weeks away!  The buzz is building!  However, if your applications aren’t quite ready for Windows 7 (or even Vista) and having you’re having issues, then maybe you’re not quite as excited as I am.  But – there is good news - we may be able to help you out!

Last Monday we launched a new pilot program in our Advisory Services space.  Advisory Services is a consultative support option that provides support beyond standard break-fix issues.  The new program involves remote, phone-based support for issues such as product migration, code review or new program development.  The service is intended for Developers and IT Professionals for shorter engagements that don’t require traditional onsite consulting or sustained account management services available via other Microsoft support options.

For the Application Compatibility engagements, we’ll start off with some basic scoping questions such as whether the application is 16-, 32-, or 64-bit.  Is it a client-server application?  What compatibility issues are you experiencing?  Slow Performance?  Hang or Crash?  Installation problems?  The support engineers will be using tools such as the Application Compatibility Toolkit, the the Standard User Analyzer Wizard, and the Setup Analysis Tool.

There’s much more to the program than I can do justice to in a blog post.  The KB Article referenced below has more details about the program and how to engage us.  So, if you’re working on a pesky Windows Vista or Windows 7 Application Compatibility issue, give us a call – we can help!

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