Windows 10 Preview available for review
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 14, 2014
Good morning AskPerf!  It’s been a while since our last post, and we apologize for that.  We’ve been quite busy here on the Support side knocking out customer issues…

Any who, we have some upcoming blogs in the oven that need a little more time to bake.  One of which is a short series on Windows Event Forwarding which I am very excited about.  Look for that to come out in the coming months.

Even though we are commonly known as the Performance team, internally we are known as the Reliability team.  Some of the technologies we support are as follows:

Windows Client/Server OS

  • Printing
  • RDS / TS
  • Performance which includes System Hangs, High CPU, Memory issues, etc.
  • Base WMI functionality
  • COM/DCOM – base functionality
  • Explorer (Shell)
  • Desktop Search
  • MUI and IME
  • MSI – basic functionality
  • Themes/Fonts/Screen Savers/Wallpaper
  • Task Scheduler
  • WinRM – basic functionality
  • Windows PowerShell – install and basic functionality
  • ACT

There are many other smaller technologies, but these are the main ones.

Now back to our original topic:  The Windows 10 Preview is available for download/testing.  To get it, click the following link:

Windows 10 Preview

Finally, we always welcome feedback on topics you would like for us to blog about here on the AskPerf blog site.


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