First published on TECHNET on May 04, 2007

I have worked for Microsoft since 1997.  I started doing basic consumer Windows 95 support but rapidly decided I would rather work with enterprise customers in a server environment, so I asked to move to Windows NT support.  I have been here on the Enterprise Platforms Support Performance Team since about 2002.

During my time here I have been involved in many projects, including the betas for Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows VistaLonghorn. Most recently I was the lead for several technologies owned by the Performance Team, but have now moved into a more contenttraining specific role, which includes this blog.

Microsoft was not initially my dream job, but that was only because I knew very little about the computer business at the time, having only worked for a small hardware company previously.  All I knew about Microsoft was that I used Windows 3.1 and Dos 6.0 to play my Flight Simulator software.  Since my first day here, I rapidly learned what I had been missing and haven’t looked back since.