PRN: Printer Migration / Backup / Recovery
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Description: Most Administrators are familiar with the Printer Migration tool (PRINTMIG.EXE).  This tool has been retired and is no longer supported by Microsoft.  The Printer Migration Wizard (PRINTBRMUI.EXE) and the PRINTBRM.EXE command-line tool were introduced to replace it.

Scoping the Issue: When scoping issues concerning Printer Migration / Backup and Recovery, the following questions are useful in narrowing down the scope of the issue:

  1. Is PrintBRM failing during the backup or restoration of printers, or is there a problem with the printer configuration after restoring printers?

  2. What is the Operating System and Service Pack Level of the source and target server?

  3. Has the print registry key been cleaned up on the source server? (KB 260142)

  4. Have all Kernel Mode Print Drivers (NT4/version-2) been removed from the source server?

  5. Have all LPR Ports been converted to Standard TCP/IP Ports on the source server?

  6. If migrating from x86 to x64, is there a corresponding x64 print driver installed on the source server for every x86 print driver? (NOTE: It practice, it is often quicker to recreate queues manually in cross-architecture printer migration scenarios.)

  7. If the source or destination is a cluster, are you specifying the cluster virtual machine name?

  8. Are there any events that occurred in the event log?

  9. If restoring printers, does the problem occur to more than one target Print Server?

  10. Are you using PrintBRM from a command prompt or GUI? Locally or remotely?

Data Gathering: In all instances, collecting either MPS Reports with the General, Internet and Networking, Business Networks and Server Components diagnostics, or a Performance-oriented MSDT manifest must be done.

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