MSI: Windows Installer / UAC Issues (Windows Vista +)
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 10, 2009

MSI: Windows Installer / UAC Issues (Vista+)

MSI: Windows Installer/UAC Issues (Windows Vista+)

Description: MSI: Windows Installer/UAC Issues (Windows Vista+) troubleshooting.

Scoping the Issue:

·         What is the error message?

·         Does this install fail on all machines?

·         Are the MSI Packages being installed via GPO?

·         Is this a 3rd Party Product?

·         Does the issue occur with UAC turned off?

·         Do other applications install successfully?

·         Is the user an Admin?

Data Gathering:

·         Collect MSDT/ MPS Reports .

·         Collect Procmon Log during the issue.

·         Configure MSI Logging and capture the MSI Logs.

·         Collect the HTM file of corresponding GPO using GPMC.

Troubleshooting / Resolution:

·         Review MSDT/MPS Reports for MSI related Events in the Application Log.

·         Review Procmon Log for Access Denied or Path Not Found error messages.

·         Review HTM file for an Windows Installer Specific and UAC settings.

·         Review MSI Logs for any Windows Installer error messages.

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