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Hello Microsoft Edge Insiders!

Ever since we first announced in December that Microsoft Edge was going to adopt the Chromium open source project for our desktop browser, we’ve been excited to begin launching our Insider community. The time has finally come, and everyone can try out the new version of the browser right now!


We want to use this opportunity to start building a close relationship with all of you. Going beyond collecting comments and reviews, we’re eager to listen and engage in active conversations with you. We believe your collective voices will help us build a better Microsoft Edge, and that’s our vision for this community.

With our recent adoption of Chromium, Microsoft Edge gets a chance to grow beyond its initial home on Windows 10. As we’ve reflected on the best ways to enable a new listening system to support other versions of Windows and platforms, we’ve realized that our goals should be based on what we want as customers, not as engineers or designers.

What would such a system look like? That’s where all of you come in. Based on the feedback you’ve graciously given us over the past few years, we know it’s important to be able to quickly and easily send us problems or suggestions from directly within the browser. You also want a way to engage meaningfully and deeply with the developers, as well as a way to get immediate support when you run into a problem that you can’t fix on your own.

Other Insider programs at Microsoft have provided good models for us to follow for our new community. However, the Microsoft Edge Insider community has one important difference: you don’t need to sign up. Just downloading and using the Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev, or Beta channels is enough.

We hope that this relationship can be beneficial for both parties. For you, this isn’t just about being a member of an active group of fellow browser enthusiasts. You also get: a chance to see new features before all the other Microsoft Edge users; an in-depth understanding of how and why we built them, a direct channel of communication with the engineers responsible for them, and the chance to critique them and suggest what we should build next. We at Microsoft get valuable early feedback, your verbal and written insights about what you do and don't like about a given feature or approach, which will help us steer the product in the right direction. The ability to dig deeper and understand the why behind the what, while learning from a large and diverse worldwide audience. Finally, through our continuing conversations, we hope Insiders will invite others in their own communities to come and join in our conversation.

welcome-graphic2.pngSo, what can you expect from us? As our new features start making their way into the builds, our goal is to publish at least one new article every other week to inform and encourage active discussions on the latest developments in the Insider channels. We are devoting some of our time to reading and responding to every thread, and you can expect direct interaction from the Microsoft Edge team that promotes the deepest, most enlightening discussions.

We’re fully committed to building an open, honest and respectful community of awesome Insiders like you. We hope you’ll join our discussions or start your own today.
Welcome to our community. We can’t wait to build a great Edge community together!


-The Microsoft Edge Team-


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Hi @kspearrin, I was asked this earlier, and I am not sure. I have reached out to the team that is responsible for this, and I will reply back when I hear. Thank you for your interest.



Interesting. I have never had an issue with using the scroll-wheel in previous Edge. That is on several systems with a different mouse on each. However, each mouse is Logitech with the hyper-scroll function. Whether the scroll is free-wheeling or has the indented scroll turned on.

Other than the feeling of lag you mention, are there other issues?

@Deleted wrote:

I could never use the previous Edge since using smooth scrolling on a scroll wheel is extremely frustrating. The scrolling doesn't remain precise and there's always a feeling of lag. It's great for touchscreens but horrible to use with a mouse.

@Elliot Kirk 


Yes, we will be talking more about the group policy story soon. I think that this forum will be the place where we introduce those features as they are released. Do you have any specific concerns or needs from a management perspective, @Magdev?
You can enable it in Flags

@Elliot Kirk  Please add the set tabs aside feature to the new chromium. Its one of the most useful features in the edge. 

@Elliot Kirkare we going to see PDF and pen support if not as a full intergration then as an addin for office like office lens is.  Pen support is very usefull to me at work as is touch and the touch gestures.  To go from an office machine to touch and ink at work makes my SurfacePro invaluable.


Please add back this feature into New Edge. 

@Elliot Kirk is there a possibility to get an Offline-Installer which can be used on a Win10-Machine without Internet-Connection? Why is the Setup packaged proprietary Setup.exe and not using your new MSIX Format? (Ping: @John Vintzel)

I think a concern that many would have, is related to privacy using the Chromium project. Will hidden issues that Chrome browser has like pre-fetch and zoom, where history isn't really gone, still be present in the Edge implementation? Will any data be sent to Google servers? What about privacy issues related to ads and access to cookies, how will that be handled?
Feels fast as compared to the older version of edge. Still lacks those fluent design elements. Add some extension like translator inbuilt to Chromium and as well make it feel a little bit homely for older edge users. And Also Startup time is very much as compared to older Edge. I would really like to see these changes in the future builds of Microsoft Edge

It's really fast compared to Edge. Good feelings. I'll post some comments and reviews in the following days. Thanks @Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk 


What have you done to the UI? Are you planning on actually implementing any fluent elements? One of the best parts of Edge was the UI and you have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Currently it is a slightly slower, slightly more confusing chrome and I see no reason to actually use it over chrome. 


Please improve the scrolling speed as it is too sensitive for the touchpad of the laptop(by default).One suggession from my side is that the microsoft edge is an official browser of windows 10, so try and make its UI similer to that of windows 10 for instace:- The glowing of the borders while hover any tile in notification tab or in the settings with mouse, the dark mode and the introduction of the CORTANA, in the search bar. Although it has improved a lot more than before, Thanks to the whole microsoft team for doing such a hardwork and to make things best for their customers.







@Elliot Kirk 

Hi, just want to report a bug inside this website. so when i go here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/bd-p/EdgeInsiderDiscussions with a logged in account, i get this error and the submit botton to make a new discussion is not there. happens to both Google chrome and New Microsoft Edge. Java method "lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel.get(String)" threw an exception when invoked on lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel object "lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel@ec61809"; see cause exception in the Java stack trace. ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: #assign liLiConConfigPage = webuisupp... [in template "lingotek_macro_header.ftl" at line 139, column 1] - Reached through: #include "lingotek_macro_header.ftl" [in template "custom-messages-list" at line 450, column 9] ----
Are you going to add the pen notes facility from Edge classic? This is something i use all the time. On a surface. You're removing a feature ideally suied to hardware you make.

@SEMSarek You can turn on dark mode by entering edge://flags and searching for dark

Please don't change the mouse scroll though. It's perfect how it is and the OG Edge mouse wheel scrolling was very jerky.

@Elliot Kirk Congrats on the Insider launch!  For a canary build, this is surprisingly really good and solid! I have uninstalled Chrome :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:.  Is there a forum in here to submit feedback or does the team prefer sending feedback via the smiley face in the app itself?

Some initial feedback I have:

- Dark theme (with options: Light, Dark, System)

- Add "New InPrivate window" and Pinned Site to to the Windows task bar icon.

- Needs more Fluent design elements (acrylic, reveal highlight, etc.)

- New icon (no matter how amazing Edge is, the general public still associates a blue 'e' with the outdated perception of IE).

- In the Settings page, the left menu looks a bit tight, maybe add a little bit more spacing to give it breathing room and improve accessibility and touch usability.

- Add native Microsoft Translator support

- Add inking support with OneNote integration

@tgienger  Oh! great. Thank you! :)


OFC! And just in case you weren't aware you can also search for overlay and get overlay scrollbars. A feature I love so very much.

Hi @HotCakeX, thank you fro reporting this.  We have seen this same thing a couple of times now, and think that it occurs if you had signed into the forums in the past.  The best thing that we have found is to clear your browser cache.  It should go away immediately.  If it doesn't please let me know, and I will continue to investigate.