Unblock thousands of educational websites in one click with Family Safety on Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Family Safety helps empower you and your family to build healthy digital and physical safety habits tailored to your everyday lives. It allows you to create a safe space for your kids online with content filters to customize what they can and can't see online while using Microsoft Edge. 


Family Safety recently launched a new feature, Always allow educational websites, where families can now allow their kids to explore thousands of educational sites with a simple toggle. Parents still can manage which educational websites should be blocked based on their family needs.


To try out this new feature:

  1. Visit Family Safety on Microsoft Edge at family.microsoft.com and log in with your family account or create a new one. Select a family member you would like to apply settings for.
  2. Navigate to the “Content Filtering” tab and turn the “Only use allowed sites” toggle on.
  3. Turn on the Always allow educational websites toggle.

Learn more about how to set web filters online



What counts as an educational site?

We classify educational sites as websites that may be needed for remote learning, completing homework or for after school enhancement. This feature uses an AI-generated list curated and maintained by our Family Safety team. would love to hear from you if you think a site should be included or is incorrectly categorized. To submit feedback, select Send your feedback about this feature below the toggle in the Family Safety dashboard. 







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@JennyMa where can we see an example or sample of some of the websites that would be deemed educational for kids?