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The Microsoft Translator extension is no longer needed! To help bring all the web to you, we are adding the ability to translate web pages to the preview channels of Microsoft Edge. Translation is now working on Windows, Android, iOS, and  macOS.

Automatic detection

Microsoft Edge can automatically detect when a web page is not in one of your preferred languages. When we do, we will pop up a dialog box, right under the address bar, and ask you if you would like us to translate the page into a language you are more comfortable with. We get your preferred languages from the list of languages in the browser setting, Settings ->Languages (edge://settings/languages). You can update the list of languages at any time.


Translate dialog appears when Microsoft Edge detects that language in not in the users preferred list


We have also included an option to auto-translate all pages for specified languages. You can always invoke translation manually from the context menu (right click) or by clicking on the translate icon on the address bar as shown below.



Open translate from the context


Open translate from the address bar


Icon State Change:

Whenever translation occurs, we let you know by changing the color of the Translate icon.  Before translation, the icon will be black, and after we translate the web page, . There is an Icon animation for intermediate stage while the document is translating.

 Translate4.png               translate5.png

        Icon state: before translation                              Icon state: after translation


Translation experience in Immersive Reader:

Translation is now available in the Immersive Reader view of Microsoft Edge. When you are reading an article in the Immersive Reader and want to translate either part or all of the article into another language, open the Reading preferences menu and select the language you want to translate into from the Translate drop down menu. You can then use the Translate entire page slider to decide between translating a selection or the entire page.



Translation experience on iOS and Android:

The behavior is slightly different on mobile. When you visit a web page which is in a language different from your phone’s language, Microsoft Edge offers to translate the page using a flyout that appears at the bottom of webpage.  You can get Microsoft Edge browser for iOS and Android in the appropriate store.




Translation on Microsoft Edge for iOS


Translation on Microsoft Edge for Android


What languages does translation work on?

Translation is currently supported on 54 now 64 languages, which cover the vast majority of webpages on internet today

List of languages supported



















Bosnian (Latin)










Serbian (Cyrillic)





Marathi Serbian (Latin) Ukrainian

Chinese Simplified






Chinese Traditional













Haitian Creole


Portuguese (Brazil)





Portuguese (Portugal) Swedish  


What do you think? 

We would love to hear from you. What did you like about the experience and what you didn’t? What more would you like us to build?

Thank you for trying out the new Microsoft Edge and leave your comments below!






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Translate works well on web pages. It does not work on You Tube video chats that are in another language.

Hey @TomLake - as reported in the thread. Kindly try restarting the browser and translate should be offered. Would be happy to assist if it still does not work.

@Jussi Palo 


I think the "when to translate" prompt is too restrictive: while I added Malay, I still want the first appearance of a Malay page to trigger "Should we translate? always or just once right now?"


I could not get the "automatic detection" to trigger until I checked this option:





My suggestion:


Even if we have added secondary languages to Microsoft Edge, on the first load of a page in that secondary language, the pop-up prompt should appear with three options:  1) translate once, 2) always translate or 3) never translate. Going through menus to turn on automatic detection seems....a bit counterintuitive to me. 


I added Malay for spell-checking only--I still would like automatic translation. Just my two cents.


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The translation quality for Malay to English is pretty solid, to my sincere surprise. Props to whoever at Microsoft worked on that!

Malay:  Hari ini Malaysia merangkumi tiga bahagian – Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah dan Sarawak, walaupun ia tidak bermula sebegitu pada permulaannya.

:white_heavy_check_mark: Microsoft TranslationToday Malaysia comprises three divisions – Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, although it didn't start that way initially. 

:cross_mark: Google Translation: Today Malaysia comprises three parts - Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, although it does not start at the beginning.


Google translates "sebegitu" 100% incorrectly: the Google Translated English ends up kind of nonsensical! The Microsoft translation is far more readable: I honestly thought it pulled the human-translated English version of this document and didn't actually translate the original Malay, but it did.

I just updated to Edge Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) and visited the following two Japanese language websites but neither one triggers the translation functionality to show. No translation icon appears in the address bar and right-clicking the body of the page does not show a Translate to English option.

@Elliot Kirk Thanks a lot! Great feature. I would appreciate if you add the option to translate only a few words or a sentence (or whatever the user will select on a page).


@demodulated wrote:

I just updated to Edge Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) and visited the following two Japanese language websites but neither one triggers the translation functionality to show. No translation icon appears in the address bar and right-clicking the body of the page does not show a Translate to English option.

hhmm, I just clicked your link to and a popup showed up asking me if I wanted to translate to choose a language to translate to... I chose English and the whole page was translated.. 

Works fine for me...  well, almost all of it..... Maybe you need to restart the browser or/and check your translation settings... @demodulated 

Translate tokyo.jpg



That would be very useful. I used the Google Translate extension, which has this option.
After reboot PC, translate works ok as described. Except no translate option in right click context menu.
Correction. After reboot again and restart Edge, right click context menu option works ok.

@Elliot Kirk 


I love that Edge now has translation built in, but why does it only allow me to translate if the page isn't in my preferred language? I'm an English speaker learning Spanish. I'd like the option always available to translate a page, even if it's already in my preferred language. For example, I'd like the ability to translate an English page (my preferred language) into Spanish. Please consider changing the way translation is implemented to allow this for folks. Thank you and everyone for your work on this awesome new browser!


Thank you.

I am not finding either the language icon in the address bar, nor an option to translate in the right-click context menu.

Fully updated and on:
Microsoft Edge is up to date
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)


Hey @ikjadoon - thank you for self hosting and taking the time to share feedback. 

I will pass on your suggestion about trigger logic. I will also encourage you to use the smiley in the top right as way to pass on your feedback.


Am super happy that you find the quality of translation to be good!

Hey @Joshua Morrison - the way you can do that today is via the context menu.

  1. Translate option would show up in the context menu on a English page as well.
  2. When you select that translate icon comes up near the address bar.
  3. Once you click on that, you get ability to choose your target language.

Hope this helps.

I think an interesting point that comes out is can we name the context menu option better. 

Hey @roirraWedorehT - can you please restart the browser and try again. It worked for multiple folks in this thread. 



@amitkun That worked perfectly, thanks!  And thanks to the team for adding the Close Microsoft Edge option.

@ikjadoon that option appear to me, the translation not trigger at all.

Mabye remove swedish, becouse its not existing atlest not for the latest Microsoft Edge Insider Dev build.

I am on the latest build of Microsoft edge Still, I am not getting a translation option or automatic translation.