The all-new Microsoft Edge Add-ons website is now live

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Hello Insider community,


We're thrilled to announce that the redesigned Microsoft Edge Add-ons website is now available to all users. The redesign addresses several key concerns highlighted by users around discovery and usability of the platform 



With this redesign, our goal was to completely transform the user journey. To help users easily discover and find extensions for their needs, we’ve introduced a carefully curated storefront with an array of inviting new collections. The search page was also redesigned to offer more insights into the search results while significantly improving navigation. 




Figure 1Homepage: Curated experience optimized for browsing-driven engagement and quick installation 




Figure 2Search Results: Curating the best results along with relevant info & actions to aid the user journey 


Emphasis on first-time users 

Considering the unique needs of the first-time extension users, enhancements were introduced to the store as well as the extensions manager page in the browser for increased hand holding.  



Just like the Microsoft Edge browser, we have significantly improved accessibility for the website. Be it high contrast or narrator, the improved website is re-designed to be more accessible 



We’re continuing to learn and grow  and this is just the beginning. In the next few months, extension developers will also get an improved and simplified experience at the Partner Center to better manage their extensions. 

Thank you for all the feedback and we'd love to hear what you think of the re-designed store. Let us know by leaving a comment below, or by submitting feedback through the browser (Shift+Alt+I).

- The Microsoft Edge Extensions team

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I really loved the new Microsoft Edge Add-Ons website. It is very user friendly with simple UI/UX design which shows all the categories on the left pane and Add-ons on the right. The categories make it easier for a user to find the Add-on of his/her own choice and the newly improved search feature in the website also makes it easier to find your add-on by filtering the category of your search criteria on the left.


Keep doing a great job and make Microsoft Edge better than ever :smile:

@Deleted Good job, the new website looks great!


Only one bug: these 2 links that I marked below take the "?hl=it-IT" part of the page URL and they double it.

Clicking the first link send me to, the destination page doesn't understand the language code, so it display the page in English.


Annotazione 2020-06-16 220423.jpg

@Deleted Thanks for sharing. The new add-ons site looks amazing and very user friendly!


Great work! Would be really awesome if you guys added screenshots to extensions on the page so a user can see what an extension looks like (the features or settings or layout or functions) before installing the extension.

Looks great, thank you! A dark mode would be a welcome addition.



Thanks for the inputs George. We are listening to all the feedback and this is on the product backlog. 


Keep watching this space for the next exciting update. 




@Deleted Within Edge I don't see any references to Add-ons, only Extensions. Once I get to the Extensions page, I see "Edge Add-Ons" at the top, and I look for what other type of Add-Ons there are besides Extensions, but their aren't any. So if an Extension isn't a type of Add-On, why is the term "Add-On" needed? Are they Extensions or are they Add-ons?  Confusing, pick one and stick to it...

@Deleted Nice and easy.

I hope you put a lot of restriction on Privacy and Security and making sure all extensions are safe and reliable from this website. They have been cases where malicious extensions have been published in official Google and Mozilla website and people complain we couldn't trust extensions from official website.

However, if there are restricted and reliable control over extensions in Microsoft Edge website and making sure all extensions would 100% malware free and privacy protected, it would be great advantage over competitor. 

Meanwhile, other quality assurance factors like performance, usability should be taken into consideration and help developers to build high quality extensions. It also has option to Report abuse and it would be nice to have option to Report problems too (when it is not abuse but issue like performance, usability, etc.)

@TomForrester I agree that a dark mode (following Microsoft Edge's settings, like the insider pages) would be a great addition, especially as I'm somebody with extremely light sensitive eyes.

@Deleted Hello there.. any idea with bullet selectors cant be selected on any screnn of settings?

version... 84.0.522.20 (Επίσημη έκδοση) beta (64 bit)

Many thank 



Nunca fui usuário deste navegador, sempre usei GOOGLEE, então estou resolvido ficar e aprender juntos os demais amigos(as) deste site. Então posso com sua ajuda?


Hey there!


I really like the new edge but I'm still missing the Pinterest save button I had in chrome. There are two add-ons in the store, but I don't know if any of them is actually related to Pinterest. As add-ons can get various permissions from their users, I think it would be a good idea to have verified add-ons or verified add-on devs.


Thanks & keep up the good work!

@Deleted Add-ons or extensions?

please can we have some consistency.

Hi @ilchiodi 


Thanks for reporting the issue. We have opened a bug and are actively looking at it. 



I have shared this with our team. However, I would also suggest you to submit a feedback regarding this so that the appropriate team can respond to the issue you are facing. To send feedback from Microsoft Edge Click Alt+Shift+I 


I don't want to go back to the old Edge if it might mess something up, but I was told on another site to come here and tell someone I do not like two of the features. One is a darker border when I type in a box on some sites. It's very distracting. Another is the absence of a warning when I click on the red X in the upper right corner and there are multiple tabs. I try to avoid having more than one tab but sometimes there is more than one because of something I did not consent to. In many cases when I click on a link  I  right click so I can select new window, but sometimes i forget or the option is not offered.

It looks great. It's these little things that made me comfortable to try using Edge Beta as my main browser.@Deleted 

@Deleted I hoped it would be really revamped, but it's not, which saddens me. Nothing really improved when it comes to usability. No homepages, no list of permissions that extension will ask for, no screenshots, no way to find all extensions coming from one publisher, no publisher pages. Even search is still broken (example: search for monkey, you won't see Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey in results).