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Starting with Microsoft Edge Build 88, we are releasing a new feature called startup boost to improve the Microsoft Edge browser startup experience. To learn more about it, read the FAQ below.


Note: We are in the process of releasing this feature, so it may be a little while before you see it in your respective channel and build.


1. What is startup boost?
To improve Microsoft Edge startup speed, we have developed a feature called startup boost. Startup boost keeps the browser running in the background with minimal processes, so Microsoft Edge will start more quickly when launched.


2. What benefits do I get from startup boost?
Microsoft Edge will start more quickly when it is launched from the taskbar, desktop, or from hyperlinks embedded in other applications when you log on after device startup or the browser is closed.


3. What is the resource impact of startup boost?
Startup boost keeps the browser running in the background with minimal processes when the browser is closed, which has a limited impact on device resource usage. Startup boost does not add any additional resources when browser windows are already open.


4. How does startup boost work?
Startup boost starts core Microsoft Edge processes in the background to keep them ready when the browser is closed, so Microsoft Edge will start more quickly when launched.


5. How do I know if startup boost is running?
You can check if the feature is on in the browser Settings under edge://settings/system.


6. Is startup boost available on all platforms?
Currently, startup boost is only available on devices with most versions of Windows.


7. What are the heuristics for startup boost to be enabled by default?
Startup boost is available on Windows devices (excluding Windows 10X and servers) with more than 4GB of RAM, or more than 1GB of RAM if the device has a modern disk (modern HDD with Trim and SeekPenalty or SSD), when Microsoft Edge is the default web browser with no extensions installed. These criteria were informed by experimentation data.

If startup boost is not enabled on your device, you can choose to manually enable it in the browser Settings under edge://settings/system.


8. What startup boost group policies will enterprises get?
We have a group policy that allows administrators and users to enable or disable startup boost.

These can be both mandatory or recommended group policies. If it is a recommended group policy, IT admins will have the ability to set the default behavior that their users can change later, if they wish.


9. Why do others see the feature, but I do not?
We are in the process of deploying this feature, so it may be a little while before you see it in your respective channel and build.


10. Can I turn off startup boost?
Yes, startup boost can be toggled on and off by going to edge://settings/system.


11. I can no longer debug in Edge using Visual Studio. How can I fix this?
We are sorry to see you ran into this issue! This is a startup boost bug that our team has resolved but you may not get the update for some time. In the meantime you can either:

    • Restart your device -> Start debugging in Visual Studio -> Then turn off startup boost by going to edge://settings/system in the browser window opened by Visual Studio Debugger.
    • Temporarily download and run Edge Canary channel while debugging since this channel has the fix.


12. How do I send feedback?
We are eager to get your feedback on startup boost. If you experience an issue, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device, click on the feedback icon in the upper right corner of the address bar, or going to Settings and more > Help and feedback > Send feedback.


You can also discuss your experience here on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums and Twitter.


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team


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Did you test performance impact on heavy loaded RDSH / Citrix XenApp / Windows 10 Multi User / WVD servers?

It’s critical to do not generate any performance impact on multi users environments. It’s very different topic from performance measurement on single user OS

Thank you @Julie_Deng for sharing this feature.

Please also add some details about process in Task Manager, in case we want to investigate and see whether it is working as expected.

This is another brilliant idea,
I have both low and high end systems and can't wait to test this on them and report back findings. (though I hope Edge automatically sends diagnostics)

@Julie_Deng I like it! When will it be released to everyone? (build number?)



Yeah, I've had this for a week or so now, but I've not turned it on.

Edge Startup Boost 2020-10-26 071933.jpg

I use the Sleeping tabs feature and for me I see this as defeating the purpose of Sleeping tabs, which is to save/free up resources.   I look at it like one is defeating the other.  For me, why would I turn something on that uses and keeps resources and then turn something on that frees resources.  

Ok so you want to be able to start your browser faster, but for me I do not see it taking so much time to start edge that it would need this.  Edge starts quick enough for me on its own.  


Like I said, for me, I see no need for it, but I'm sure lots of others will.

But this is just my 20cents worth.


That's actually a good point of view!
I think sleeping tabs and start up boost is 2 completely different features for 2 different types of people.
people that have enough system resources and modern hardware can turn on startup boost to make things even faster, while people with low to mid hardware can use sleeping tabs to save resources.
Yes, all good points. They are definitely covering all their bases which is a good move on their part...

Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, HotCakeX!
Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, Kam! We are currently testing on build of 88.0.674 or greater. We don't have a specific release date but will release the feature as soon as possible if there is no issue.
@Julie_Deng Ok, thank you!
Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, Reza!
When startup boost is turned on and no Edge browser window is open, you can find all running Edge processes by going to Task Manager -> Processes Tab -> Background Processes.
If you right click on the top naming roll (e.g. Name, Memory, CPU) you can add additional columns to Task Manager that will provide additional process details. You can also find more process details in Edge Browser Task Manage by pressing Shift+Esc while in Microsoft Edge or by going to the top corner of the browser and selecting more (…) -> More tools -> Browser Task Manager.
Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, Dennis! Valid points and great discussions!

Hello @Julie_Deng 


I tested it and realized that there was a reduction in the choking on the browser startup


Without the startup booststartup slow.gif


With the startup boost

startup fast.gif


Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, Bildos!
Performance on multi users environment is important to us and we will reach out to enterprise customers for feedback as we get closer to releasing the feature on Beta and Stable channels. Please feel free to share any additional suggestions that you may have in the future. Appreciate it!
Thanks for checking out startup boost and sharing your feedback, eguif! Awesome video comparison!


So just like the other user said and showed with video/gif, I'm also experiencing the white flash.

The Startup boost causes a white flash to appear after launching Edge, for 1 or 2 seconds, before the browser UI is fully loaded.


so even though Edge obviously launches faster, but it doesn't change anything in practice because I still have to wait for the white flash be gone to start using the browser.



p.s when the feedback mini window is open (where I can type in description about my feedback) and start up boost is active, closing and reopening Edge is blazingly fast and without with flash.


so I'm assuming you have to preload some more Edge components for this white flash to be gone.

@HotCakeX But the other user (eguif) is saying that there's a reduction.
it's okay
Yeah. I think so! Too.