Start Microsoft Edge quickly with startup boost


Note: We are in the process of releasing this feature, so it may be a little while before you see it in your respective channel and build.


We have developed a new feature called startup boost to improve browser launch time. This feature runs a set of core Microsoft Edge processes in the background, so Microsoft Edge is quickly available when you need it.


Experimentation in Stable channel, comparing Microsoft Edge with startup boost enabled vs not enabled, shows startup times improve ranging from 29% to 41% when startup boost is enabled*. This means when you launch Microsoft Edge with startup boost enabled you'll see the website you're looking for faster.


Startup boost works by keeping a few Microsoft Edge processes running when the browser is not visible. This allows Microsoft Edge to start more quickly when, for example, you click the Microsoft Edge icon, a hyperlink from another application, or search from the search box in the Task Bar. We developed heuristics based on experimentation to determine when startup boost is on by default which helps ensure the best experience. We know resource usage is important to our customers. Startup boost does not add any additional resources when Microsoft Edge browser windows are open. When Microsoft Edge is closed, a set of core Microsoft Edge processes will continue to run to enable faster launches in the future. You may see browser, GPU, Network, CrashPad, or other processes running in the background. Experimentation has shown these processes have a minimal resource footprint. In addition, we are monitoring and targeting different device classes to ensure performance is being improved, not regressed. Finally, we want to give you agency over your browser’s performance, startup boost can be enabled or disabled at any time.


We want to thank all the Insiders who have sent us feedback and shared their experience with startup boost!


Startup boost was first released in Stable channel 88.0.705.53 on Windows devices. If you experience any issue while using this feature, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device or going to Settings and more … > Help and feedback > Send feedback.


Please also join us here on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums or Twitter to discuss your experience or send us your feedback through the browser! If you have any questions, see our FAQ or reach out to us. We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature and look forward to hearing from you!


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team


* Startup times improved across percentiles.

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@OmarPlastina Thanks for your reply! I'm really happy to hear you are enjoying Edge.

Thanks for the question! If you go to edge://settings/system you should be able to see whether startup boost is enabled.

Cześć :waving_hand:
Dodam zrzut ekranu i potwierdza że funkcja Boost Edge -działa !
Edge ma teraz rozbudowane ustawienia że
czasem użytkownicy mogą użytkownicy problem z odnalezieniem potrzebnych ustawień !
Ja czekam na
2 domyślne ustawienia Edge 1- dla standardowych użytkowników domowych !
2- dla zawansowanych z pełnym wyposażeniem ustawień Edge do zastosowania
dla Profesjonalistów !
Taka jest mój pomysł dla Nowej Krawędzi !
czekam na
poparcie i z góry dziękuję bardzo Andrzej

I'll add a screenshot and confirm that the boost edge function-works!
Edge now has extensive settings that
sometimes users may have trouble finding the settings they need!
I look forward to
2 default Edge 1 settings for standard home users!
2- for advanced edge settings for use with full equipment
for Professionals!
That's my idea for New Edge!
I'm waiting for
support and thank you very much in advance Andrew


Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know we decided to temporarily disable startup boost since it was causing a frustrating issue for some users (see updated FAQ). Thank you for all of your feedback about this feature. You can still manually turn on startup boost by going to edge://settings/system. I’ll update you when we believe the issue has been resolved. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

were is startup page I have no access so I can't turn off propertly
Glad to be on board and befriend you
Wow so cool, any way to test it btw?:grinning_face_with_sweat:
This is a really good idea. Looking forward to testing it out as soon as it's released.

@Andrew_Nolan  my microsoft edge is not working


This is a very useful tool for really old PCs but totally redundant for most at the moment. I had this enabled when I was still using Edge and it cut the white splash screen a couple of milliseconds. It's a Chromium issue/bug that's not been tackled - how about finding a solution for that instead of sidestepping it with this feature?
Hello! azrea199 I do not agree that this feature is needed for old computers! If you think so it would be enough to buy a new high-performance PC!Remember The World is also people who use devices with not great performance have access to a very slow Internet or have a small range for various complex reasons - so white light is a problem , but there is still work on improvement and already the latest stable versions work much better!
Hello @Andrew_Nolan.
I have an unknown question, Microsoft edge is enough with a completed featured browser, But why people don't like it as they like Google chrome?
Microsoft Edge is incapable of anything?
This is just a curiosity of mine.
Thank you.
Hello the answer is simple Chrome has full compatibility with Android and the easiest way is to combine it together, then wont users are decisive! The new Edge works really well :thumbs_up: - but in memory remains the former Explorer which was hopeless! Today Edge is a very modern memory-intensive product and device. Clearly there is not enough advertising confirming its quality and the development of course I'm talking about a stable version!Reading the entries here users refer to experimental versions that are tested and can not immediately work perfectly because it is not possible! Good luck
Even this option enabled, I couldn't see a big performance yet. The new tabs pages are still slow for loading as comparing to The Google Chrome browser.

In my opinion it needs to be much faster, even the option startup boost is enable and I haven't seen much difference.
Hi Browser speed is the ability to take multiple processes early and one of them is to connect to the site and cooperate in communication between servers! take this is a very complex topic because now this feature is disabled and after updates I have as if the boost was enabled it is the effect of improvements and work of entire teams - because the New Edge is a large part of Google Chrome!

@reddtimes Well as someone already pointed out, Edge sadly inherated a bad rep from Micrsoft's previous browser Internet Explorer, and as well as the old Edge. With the old Edge a lot of people gave it a try and ended up running into something that made them quit using it (I remember performance being poor for a while, it didn't have the gigantic extension support of new edge etc).


Also Chrome has such a large market share, it's hard to break into a market (like the browser market) when one product has SO much market share already. I think as time goes on and more people have versions of Windows 10 with the new Edge pre installed that will help a bit.


Overall whenever I look online about Edge the repsonse I see to new Edge is 99 percent positive. The people that give it a chance almost all seem to really like it. It's just getting people to give it a chance that's gonna be the hard part for Microsoft.


As for what someone said about Android integration. I have Edge as my default browser on both Windows and Android. Been that way for a long time now. I can't think of anything I miss from having Chrome as my Android browser. Actually before Edge I still wasn't using Chrome on my Android phone. I was using Samsung's Browser on Android, then moved to Edge when the chromium based version came out of beta. But that person may have been talking about the fact that Chrome comes pre installed as the default browser on Android so large majority of users don't bother looking for and installing a different browser. That's a def disadvantage Edge has on the mobile side. But those that do seem to like it, it has nearly a 5 star rating in the google play store.


It all syncs perfectly, handing off to my PC is super easy (tap a button on my phone and the same site opens in Edge on my PC). Plus Chrome on Android has no support for extensions, now neither dose Edge on Android but it dose at least come with a Ad Blocker built in. Something you'd never see Google do with Chrome on Android since advertising is how they make a lot of if not most of their money.

Hello. I fully agree with your opinion, it is an unbiased assessment of reality - The New Edge is getting better, now allows the site to execute qr code to scan, very helpful , it is gradually made available as a novelty in a stable ,Edge team works very well!

Start up **bleep**ing jump , takes over 30 mins to get online



Please repair your computer!

I installed 21H1 in 1 minute~!

I mean my Windows configuration is correct - please do it properly and use the New Edge

Good luck