Pick up where you left off on Microsoft Edge PDF Reader


Thank you for all the love and feedback that you have shared with us as we continue our journey to become your PDF reader of choice. 


Reading long PDF documents is a very time consuming and tedious task we have all gone through. To make reading such documents easier we have already added ‘Read Aloud’ that lets you rest your eyes and listen to your PDF documents. We have now added another feature to make your reading experience even better by letting you pick up where you left off on the PDF documents you read in Microsoft Edge. When you reopen your PDF documents in Microsoft Edge, it will start from the position, zoom state and the layout that you were last reading it in. 


The feature is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels and will be available by default to all users in Microsoft Edge release 95. If you prefer starting your PDF documents from the very first page every time you open the document, we have added a setting that lets you do that as well.  




Share your feedback with us and tell us how we can build a better PDF reader that suits your needs. Go to “” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback, or simply use the shortcut (Shift+Alt+i) to open the feedback tool and share your thoughts with this. 

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Great. This was Definitely Needed!
Please don't forget the EPub reading too in Edge. We had it and you took it away. Maybe you've restored it, haven't checked in a while; in that case consider this comment not sent.

Is there a possibility to manage it for all users? I´ve searched for registry keys but I haven´t found something.@josh_bodner