Microsoft Edge now available for macOS


This morning we published the first builds of our Microsoft Edge browser built for macOS.  You can read our full blog post about it here.  Then download it, if you are running a Mac, and then come back here and tell us what you think.

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Next stop: Linux!
Nice! Grabbing it now and yes, a Linux version would be ace too.

I really can't wait to see this all in about six months along. So far between using it on Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and the leaked MacOS (besides the **bleep**ty sync) the inconsistency in look and feel have been a bit disappointing, even just the difference in iPhone/ iPad even though its a universal bundle. The iPhone feels fine, the iPad feels more like the order Edge, but then there is no real beta channel for iOS. Hoping to see a Test Flight version one day soon.

can I use the macOS Canary build with my Yubikey for website logins?

@Elliot Kirk 

Cool, awesome man. Is there an estimate on when it will come out for windows 7, windows 8, and windows 8.1?

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I'm building .Net Core desktop applications with embedded browser control

As Microsoft Edge is now available for macOS,  is it possible to provide a .Net Core library with .Net bindings to underlining engine, for Win/macOS/Linux, so to use it  in my applications.

There is a need for a reliable .Net bindings library.

@Elliot Kirk 20% cpu load on macOS 10.14.5 without any opened pages - MS Edge ;(

Thanks for sharing your feedback on sync. We’ve recently made a fix that we believe will address various feedback on inconsistent sync issues. It’d be great if you can restart the new version of Edge on all your devices and see if your sync issue is resolved. Please let us know if that doesn’t work. We’d love to investigate and help address the issue.
Edge on MacOS does not use native fullscreen. The current implementation is not default behaviour. In Safari and Chrome each tab goes fullscreen in its own macOS space; which means you can continue using other tabs. In Edge going fullscreen in one tab makes the other tabs unusable.

@Elliot KirkWill there be the ability to import and/or access macOS Keychain items? 

@Elliot Kirk First impressions from a regular Safari user.


I know Edge for Mac is based on Chromium, but I don't use Google Chrome due to issues with energy usage and privacy, so some of the 'chrome-like' elements of Edge for Mac are unfamiliar to me. Many of the good points I cite below are quite possibly things that Edge gets 'for free' because it's based on Chromium. 


The good:

- It feels very fast

- It respects the system-wide dark mode

- Easy to change font sizes, which is important to me from an accessibility standpoint


The not so good:

- It feels like a port from another OS; close buttons on the right of the tabs?!

- Non-standard contextual menus feel quite alien

- On first launch it offers to import bookmarks from Chrome, but not the default Mac browser Safari 


On a general point I do wonder how much continuous re-skinning is going to be needed over time to keep Edge looking and feeling like a true at-home Mac app. 


That said it's good to have another browser choice on the platform. I can't remember the last time I used a Microsoft browser on the Mac! 




@Elliot Kirk  Not sure if this happened to anybody else, but I had to disable the defender browser protection as it kept flagging most sites I went to, including al MS site's, as "This website has been reported as unsafe". Other than that so far so good.


Edit: One note, I have the defender browser protection extension used with google chrome on the mac, and it doesn't flag the same sites unsafe.

Love the look, but have an issue that everytime I open Edge it says it's not syncing and I have to log out and back in and it'll work for a while but the stops again

@Elliot Kirk 


Similar to above poster, I am unable to sync at all in Edge for MacOS, using latest build Version (Official build) Canary (64-bit) 


I can sign out, remove accounts, re-add them, etc, and after telling it to sync it just goes back to "Not Syncing" status, mine doesn't even work for a short time, just doesn't work at all.


Have tried two different Outlook accounts, same exact issue. Was working fine until yesterday's build.

@Elliot Kirk Same issue as people above me. Unable to sync anything using my Microsoft account. I am on Version (Official build) Canary (64-bit)

@Elliot Kirk-- I'm unable to install and test on MacOS 10.12. On the troubleshooting page, it says Edge Insider builds are "available on macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher", but after I downloaded the Canary installer package, it says "Microsoft Edge Canary Update can't be installed on this disk. OS X version 10.12 or later is required" (see attached screenshot).

I'm hopeful this is just an installer config snafu and can be easily corrected.

@Elliot Kirk -- Very Important feature missing on Edge with MacOS... the microphone does not work when using the Google Search web page even when Google has been given microphone access.  Test at other pages show the mic is accepting audio into the browser but it refuses to take the audio on Google's page.  This needs to be fixed.  Pushing the mic icon on the Google web page will not take audio input.

@Elliot Kirk 


In today's, syncing is still broken but differently so.


If I sign out and back in, it works temporarily- until I close the browser. But once I re-open it, syncing is broken again.

@callofthevoid i have the same issue works ok until i close it then have to sign out and back in for it to work 

I talked with the Sync team on Friday afternoon, and they told me that there is an issue with the authentication which is needed for sync to work. We believe that we have the right fix for this and it should make it into the Canary channel early next week.