Microsoft Edge Add-ons: NEW features to improve extension discoverability


Hello Insider Community,


We are constantly working on improving the Microsoft Edge Add-ons user experience.  

We are thrilled to announce new improvements to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website that makes it easier for users to discover new extensions. 

Collections* & Categories now show the user region’s trending extensions as “Top Edge Add-ons” 


User Feedback #1: Categories in Edge Add-ons are useful to find extensions for specific jobs to be done. But these categories are not locale-specific, and the order of curated extensions are generic. 

New Feature #1: Users will now be able to see a geo-specific order of listing within each Edge Add-ons category. The ordering within each extension category will now be powered by our AI recommendation engine to display popular and relevant extensions for each locale / country / geo. 


For example, here is the how the “Developer Tools” Edge Add-ons category shows up in different locales: 




Category: Developer Tools  

Naga_Chaitanya_0-1643864516986.png Naga_Chaitanya_1-1643864516989.png Naga_Chaitanya_2-1643864517000.png


User Feedback #2: Collections on the Edge Add-ons site are helpful to find a curated list of extensions for a specific task, but the order of the extensions displayed in collections is not geo-specific.  

New Feature #2: We improved our algorithm to show more relevant extensions to our users for a specific region on certain Edge Add-ons collections*. Now, users will be able to see the top extensions within certain collections, based on their popularity in the respective locale / country / geo. 


For example, here is the how the “Have fun with Microsoft Edge” and “Go window shopping” Edge Add-ons collections show up in different locales: 




Collections: Have fun with Microsoft Edge & Go window shopping

Naga_Chaitanya_3-1643864517014.png Naga_Chaitanya_4-1643864517017.png




 *This feature update is available only for the following collections on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons homepage - Trending, Have fun with Microsoft Edge, Go window shopping, Connect with friends, Stay informed, Picture perfect, Accessibility tools, Maximize your productivity and More add-ons. 

Auto-complete search suggestions on Edge Add-ons website 


User Feedback #3: The suggestions appearing under the search box while entering the keywords on Edge Add-ons site does not populate the region’s trending search keywords as suggestions. 

New Feature #3: The suggestions under the search box of the Edge Add-ons website while entering the keywords to find an add-on is now automated. It considers the trending search keywords and provides users with instant and complete suggestion results based on the user region. 


Below is the auto complete suggestion for a user in India after entering “I” in the search box of store. 


For example, here is how the auto-complete suggestion populates trending searches after entering “i” in different locales: 

China(with locale as English) 



Search-box auto-complete suggestions 









These feature updates will make it simpler for our users to find popular add-ons for their region and get started with enhancing their Edge browser experience further. 


Do let us know what you think of these improvements by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear about your experience, suggestions, and feedback. 



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@Naga_Chaitanya Hello, May I ask some questions? I am an extension developer. I noticed that there is a Trending list on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website, and the top add-ons or more add-ons list will changes sometimes. I want to know what extension can be included in this list, and why my extension cannot be included in the trending list. look forward to your reply.