Manifest V3 changes are now available in Microsoft Edge

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Greetings Insiders,


In continuation of our commitment to reduce fragmentation of the web for all developers and create better web compatibility for our customers, we plan to support the Declarative Net Request API and other changes proposed as part of Manifest V3. The decision to embrace Manifest V3 changes is based on our dedication to enhancing privacy, security & performance for the benefit of our end-users as well as to allow developers to extend & provide rich experiences in Microsoft Edge.


These changes are available for testing in the Beta and Stable channels. To read the official announcement, check out our blog post, and for more technical details please refer to this document. We're eager to hear your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team

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Manifest V3 introduces new security concepts that improve user privacy and security. Extensions may no longer use remotely hosted code, controls are introduced to allow or restrict extension access to websites at runtime, and extensions will have the same permissions as the page they are injected into. 


these are great security improvements being added.


and honestly, we can afford to see 3rd party adblockers' abilities being limited after this, Microsoft Edge has built in tracking prevention that is on par with some of the great blocker extensions.



Even if browser provides great level of security and privacy , in many cases due to privacy and security issues with extensions , users would be at risk.

Therefore, such feature is very valuable.

It also blocks great deal of attacks and malicious actors.

Some developers might complain and not happy with these improvements, but user's privacy and security are higher priority.


The same potential developers that might complain themselves create extensions that protect user privacy and security from 3rd party websites.

Well, that's disappointing.


Lol let people talk, they don't have enough information neither do they know the full story, judging from the comments, it's just the ordinary typical whining and resistance against a new technology.

some say "switch to Firefox" again makes me laugh.


people on Edge don't have to worry about anything. use ublock origin which is the best adblocker/anti-malware extension out there in combination with Tracking prevention, that's enough.


Manifest V3's benefits outweigh its disadvantages, greatly.

Rightfully. A lot of people switched from chrome for this reason. To also explicitly use Ublock Origin. Given Raymond Hill's assurance that he would not compromise on functionality to bow down to these changes, I am curious as to what he thinks of this. If he will not compromise, then the only way would be to move on to another browser for UBO users or find something else to replace UBO.


ublock origin's developer has good intentions sure, it's a great extension and I've been using it non-stop in the past few years. but we are not dealing with only 1 developer here. there are thousands of developers and many of them have malicious thoughts and intentions. these adjustments will ensure user's safety against all 3rd party developers.


Firefox, for now, lets ublock origin slide but they are not that stupid, they perfectly know that there are extension developers out there that will target Firefox extensions once Chromium curbs their abilities.


plus, Edge users don't have anything to worry about, Edge's tracking prevention, specially on Strict level, along with exceptions list and domain wildcarding, is a really great companion to offset any possible loss of functionality from ublock origin.

This is why manifest V3 to tighten the security is a must have. there are devious extension developers out there, even when the extension is open source, they can do malicious stuff.


The developer of the extension revealed on the official GitHub that he decided to sell the extension twelve days ago to two Turkish developers.


The new owners uploaded a new version to the Chrome store, and careful analysis of the code of the extension revealed that it contained a new connect.js file that did not come from the project's GitHub page.


Hill provided an analysis of the code and discovered that the new code allowed the developers to submit user activity and data to remote servers.


The extension is now designed to lookup specific information from your outgoing network requests according to an externally configurable heuristics and send it to[dot]com


Hill suggested that users uninstall Nano Defender / Nano Adblocker immediately to block data from being submitted to the new owners.

I don't think anyone should 100% trust any 3rd party extension developer or complain for additional securities such as the ones outlined in manifest V3 that protects users.

Yes exactly my config (with Ublock is under the limit of rules (since it intercept only ads) tracker are blocked by internet tracker-blocker), i still secretly hope to see an AdBlock directly in edge like in the mobile version soon.


honestly, just bunch of fake claims and propaganda, with some made up charts.

ghostery advertising for ghostery on their own ghostery's website. it's very obvious how biased that article is.


ulbock origin is the best, Free and Open source, in terms of performance it's also the best. ghostery just want to sell their paid services to people, that's all.

ublock origin doesn't need advertisement :)

When will the "Edge Add-ons" store support uploading and listing of MV3 extensions? They are currently supported by the latest versions of Edge itself after recent Chromium updates but the store is currently not allowing the upload of these extensions.


> "Package acceptance validation error: Only manifest version 2 is supported. Error code: manifest_version: 3 Line: 5 Column: 25"


As there are new APIs only being developed for MV3 which Edge is supporting currently it would be great to be able to list these extensions showing off those new APIs and features specifically for Edge.

Google Chrome migrate timeline is public, but is Microsoft Edge migrate timeline still undecided?
I searched for information, but couldn't find it.


Your example just shows that the extension reviewers of chrome are incompetent.

However, the security provided by V3 relies heavily on the ability of reviewers - because hard restrictions introduced by V3 can be bypassed easily by hacking techniques such as evaljs.