Learn how to solve math problems with Math Solver in Microsoft Edge



We are excited to announce that you can now use Math Solver in Microsoft Edge (version 91 or higher) to get help with a wide range of mathematical concepts–from elementary arithmetic and quadratic equations to calculus and statistics.

Math Solver in Microsoft Edge lets you to take picture of a math problem – be it handwritten or printed – and then provides an instant solution with step-by-step instructions to help you learn how to reach the solution on your own. It also comes ready with a mathematical keyboard so you can easily type math problems instead of hunting around a traditional keyboard for the characters you need. That’s not all. After solving your problem, Math Solver provides many options to continue learning with additional materials such as quizzes, worksheets, and video tutorials.            

Read on to learn how Microsoft Math Solver in Edge can help with your homework and help you gain confidence in a variety of concepts with.


Step 1: Open Math Solver in Edge

Use the Settings and more menu (...) in the top right corner of the browser, open More Tools and select Math Solver




Step 2: Select an equation

After opening Math Solver, you can use the selection tool to capture the math equation you want to solve. Make any adjustments to the selection window to make sure that your math problem is covered completely, and no other text is captured.





Alternatively, there is a section to type the problem statement by using the digital keyboard provided in the tool.


Step 3: Get solution and step-by-step guidance

After selecting the equation, click ‘Solve’ to get solution. provides instant solutions and goes a step beyond, with step-by-step guidance using various problem-solving methods. 

To view steps, select the problem-solving method and click ‘Show solution steps’



Step 4: Visualize the solution with interactive graphs 

Understanding equations becomes simpler with graphs. Scroll the math pane to view the graphs for your equation.


Step 5: Reinforce learning with additional resources

Math Solver also provides additional learning resources, such as video tutorials and similar worksheets, making it easier for students to dive deep into a topic and master it.

Click on ‘Show more learning content’ to get these additional learning resources. It’ll open Math Solver in a new tab page.




Send us feedback

We are excited for you to try this Edge feature with your kids, students or anyone who needs help in learning math. Please send us feedback if something isn’t working right or if there is anything you’d like to see added. We are listening! You can either leave us a Twitter post using #EdgeEDU, #EdgeMathSolver or within Edge go to “…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback to provide feedback. 


Thanks for being part of this early preview! We look forward to hearing your feedback.


- The Microsoft Edge Product team


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Well... if I were a student, I'll say "wow", just before realizing the feature is already in OneNote or elsewhere. It's an excellent feature, but useless for most people, I see it better as an extension.

There are already a bunch of other tools that have a similar user experience (click > drag > select > get something), like web screenshot, intelligent copy, and now this one too. Why not just make an intelligent selection doing all this stuff and more?


@MarinM wrote:
I used to use the Microsoft Mathematics Add-In, but it doesn't work with Office 2016 and newer versions.

you can request it in Word uservoice or any other uservoice for other products


it's also available on website.



@Agastyami wrote:
I think you should make it universal on all apps on the system, not just websites. On Windows 10, you could put it in the calculator app.

agree with you, i'd love that in calculator app.

please submit your feedback in feedback hub


I have seen many comments about this tool being ONLY useful or relevant to students. I learned math on a slide rule and am 69 yr old. I have some of the best calculators available, and yet this is so much easier for me to access and use rather than digging through the pile on my desk for one of those thinkin' machines. It doesn't matter if I am designing a crossover for a speaker, manifold back pressure,  or a 1/4 wavelength for an antenna. It can do the job, it doesn't run out of batteries, and is always right where you left it. @HotCakeX 

Can you please make it so that the equations can be copied and pasted into Word and OneNote as properly formatted equations?
Nice feature, but
I was expecting to solve simple math in the address bar and got disappointed!

@Shahina   Presume you've nicked this out of OneNote?   But have to agree - Not a Browser Function?

I don't understand all "negative" comment about this feature.
Like saying "impact on perf ?" Seriously ?
I run this version of Edge on a 7 year old 700€ laptop and I don't see any perf issue since I use Canary version.

Ok for the add-on thing if you REEEAAAAAALLY want that, but honestly, who cares ???
It's here, you don't use it ? Fine you don't see it, what is it matter for you ???
You know devs working on this kind of thing are not primary devs working on the "core" of the browser, right ?
It's like testing features, etc. to see how it can be used.

Like someone said, it can just be used as a calculator so it's way more powerful than the integrated one.
Example with a basic thing : 5+ \dfrac{ 2 }{ 3 } x = 0 (yes it's the "written" notation for this tool and it work, you can copy past it)
Honestly if you want that you almost always need to find a website that allow you to do that. Here it's just 3 clic !

For me it will be a : Good job !
I have to disagree here, I don't see how having this will affect the regular user, since it won't be running by default. It will not use your cpu unless you choose to do so. Moving it out will give it less visibility and thus less students will be able to find it and use it. If the developers make this an extension it will fail its purpose. I also disagree with the argument that it can be used during exams. If I really want to solve an equation online there is no difference between using this functionality or just going to any of the many sites that do this online. @HotCakeX

I would like to suggest you to add a keyboard shortcut for this. Thanks.

I agree. I see more than one person make that comment on Performance. I hope they aren't using an old 286 computer. Modern computers are built with enough power that this won't rob one silly bean worth from the e proc. and also they must not know a processor works to make that comment.
if it was an extension, it wouldn't fail anything at all.
Totally agree. I don’t know why people want this out so badly. Maybe they just hate math.


@CarlosMaranje wrote:
Totally agree. I don’t know why people want this out so badly. Maybe they just hate math.

or a bloated browser with features they don't use.

hating or loving math is not the point of the conversation here. can't judge people for what they love or hate, it's their own business.


@Shahina it doesn't work when solving for a complex equation like the integral of the square root of tan (x)



"Rewards", "Maths Solver", "Pinterest"....should be extension (on PC) or Apps (on mobile), instead of built-in function of a browser.


I thought MS was moving correctly toward more modular/flexible browser...and Windows OS itself. Unnecessary function should be "installed/enabled by user, not default" to reduce attack surface.


Really dislike this.

@kamfung I can see your point. They could have made it an 'Extension' or an 'APP' (I hate that term). I think because it is tied to the Web for a solution, especially with the copy-n-paste and handwriting abilities it needs a little bit more help In the computing dept. Remember also, that they are trying to FORCE us to become cloud dependant. Can't you just wait till you only have the use of a dumb phone and the cloud to do all of your computing?


This is an especially useful feature for me since I am a student. If this extension is able stay as a sidebar like we have now, then it's fine by me to make it an extension. I have never seen an extension become a sidebar so I am wondering if making it an extension will limit some of its functionality.
I have seen extensions appearing as a sidebar before when I was using Chrome, few years ago.
Good! It's very convenient and useful! In our production, this feature is already useful, as we work with radio equipment. This tool speeds up the analysis of information in large documentation.